Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So thrilled to be on the list of Top 20 African American Interior Designers 2011


The Top 20 African American Interior Designers 2011

Image Michel Boyd of Smith Boyd Interiors
I understand that everytime I walk into an auditorium to deliver a speech to high school students or sit on a panel for a discussion about interior design, I represent the minority.  Not just as an African American, but more specifically as one working as a professional in the design industry.  When I am featured in magazines and other media outlets, the question that repeatedly arises is, who are the top AfricanAmerican designers? First, understand this. It is impossible to build a successful career defining yourself as only an African American designer. Yes, I am African American, but I obtain clients of all races. I am sure that the designers on the list will agree. Beauty and style know no color.  To be fair, I worked with many different individuals to compile this list. I took suggestions from other designers, decorative center staff from around the country, local realtors and home builders. I submitted the list to my esteemed colleagues for scrutiny and this is the final tally. In no particular order, here are our Top 20 African American Designers.

Top 20 African American Designers 2011
Image Michel Boyd of Smithboydinteriors
Michel Boyd                Smith Boyd Interiors    SmithBoydInteriors.com     Atlanta
Cecil Hayes                 Cecil Hayes                  CecilHayes.com                   Miami        
Elaine Griffin               Elaine Griffin               ElaineGriffin.com                New York
Ron Woodson              Wodson and Rum         WandRdesign.com               Los Angeles
Sheila Bridges              Sheila Bridegs             SheilaBridges.com               New York
Darryl Carter                Darryl Carter               DarrylCarter.com                 New York 
Afiya H. Kumar           AHA Designs              AHAdesigns.com                 Chicago
Robin Wilson               Robin Wilson Home   RobinWilsonhome.com        New York 
Joan Goodwin              Vernandah Interiors     Vcustomdesigns.com           Columbia, SC
Keitha Brathwaite        Contrast Design           Contrastdesigngroup.com    Chicago
Kimberly Ward            Kimberly +Cameron    Kimberlyandcameron.com   Houston
Joy Moyler                   Joy Moyler Interiors     Joymoylerinteriors.com       New York
Marian Akinloye         MA Design Studio        MAdesignstudio.com           New York
Erin Shakoor               Shakoor Interiors          Shakoorinc.com                    Chicago
Venus Williams           Vstarr Interiors             Vstarrinteriors.com               Miami
Lisa Turner                  Interior Obsessions      Interiorobsessions.com          Los Angeles
Courtney Sloane          Courtney Sloane          Courtneysloane.net               New York
Nyla Simone               Nyla Simone Home      NylaSimoneHome.com        Tempe, AZ
Janice Palmer              Ydesign International   YdesignLLC.com                Atlanta
Kim Myles                  KimMyles                     KimMyles.com                   New York


-Pinkeggshell said...

Joy, You have no idea! There are many many opportunities in the work for you now! Keep up the good work! Your excellence is appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kimberly and PinkEggsell,

I wish continued success to you as well. Again, my heart is warmed beyond measure. May ALL your dreams come true.

Stay in touch! Looking forward to meeting in the near future!

Be blessed,


kat flower said...

yay joy! congratulations and much deserved. onward and upward! xo

Nick Carter Photography said...

Your immense body of work for over 25 years has brought you to this place. Your celebrity clients and others have benefitted greatly from your talents, and they all will continue to do so. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Hautezone said...

Ah shucks! Thank you guys for your lovely comments. Much appreciated!


Ishka Designs said...

Congrats Joy!!!! This is excellent and well deserved.


Jazzmaine said...
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Jazzmaine said...

Congrats to you Joy! We have also featured Haute Zone on the African American Interior Designers Facebook Page. Please visit and LIKE the page and we will keep you and other friends up to date on acheivements of African American Interior Designers. From magazine features to book releases, you'll find everything you need to keep up with your favortie designers.


Joy said...

Thanks a million for the information Jazzmaine and for your continued support!

You and Kimberly are incredible ladies!

Best regards,


Amour S. said...

That's amazing I wish you luck with everything. So cool.