Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Solange Knowles and her Damn Blog...

Solange Knowles is a Mother, sought after DJ, Photojournalist and entertainer in her own right.  Oh, she happens to be Beyonce Knowles' sister too.  But it's her innate skills that make her who she is.  

MyDamnBlog.com chronicles her travels, fashion diary and adventures in motherhood.  It's so nice to see someone just doing their own thing, out of the shadows of someone else's life.  Kudos to Solange for just finding her own way!  I just think she's one cool chick!

 Photos Courtesy Lucky.co, LA Times and MyDamnBlog.com

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Viola Davis - Oscars' Natural Beauty

Hands down! Viola Davis is an astonishing woman and an astonishing talent.  Somebody say 'Help' please.  The LA Times Magazine has photographed her beautifully in a way we haven't seen her shown before.  And I think it's her best, best, best look EVER!

When Ms. Violas' name is called, and it will be come Oscar Sunday for Best Actress... Make way for all her Beauty and Glory - Regal and Personified!  

Makes me wanna cut my hair!
I'll have what she's having... please!