Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Harry Winston - Live the moment with Patrick Demarchelier

Harry Winston's new campaign 'Live The Moment' was photographed by the great fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier.  It's a truly heart felt campaign.  It's about celebrating the lovely and meaningful moments in life.  Even the small sometimes simple ones, that are on the cusp of going unnoticed.

The lovely Freja Beha, is the model 'subject' of choice in three campaigns.  She is approachable, beautiful and real.

Here are the behind the scenes images....  Enjoy!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cookie monster... Crystal Horton, Raking in the dough!

Crystal Horton infuses the sweet flavor of hauteness straight from the oven.  What started out as a career in visual merchandising, gave rise to new found creativity in the form of cookies.   Tasty Morsels Bakery combines fashion, art and humor in her designs.  All of which are actually so pretty, I wouldn't want to eat them.

One of her favorites 'The Birth Control Cookie' was custom designed for Planned Parenthood.  How appropriate is that?   Looks like the real thing.  I recommend a bite of one of these 'babies' everyday.

Crystal is tasting the sweetness of success.  Orders are available online.  Tasty Morsels is also open to 'custom' designed cookies.  

I'm happy with the Birkin!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor - Passing of a legend... 3.23.11

Word has just come, of the passing of another of Hollywood great acting legends.  A true icon... Dame Elizabeth Taylor.

Loved my many over the world.  Adored, admired, lusted for by men.  What she did for the lingerie business,with that handsewn full slip - in 'Cat of A Hot Tin Roof' was the talk of the fashion indusrty for months.  She made a one piece full slip sexy!

Elizabeth Taylor was a leader in the AIDS fight before, many got on board.  She fought for the rights of others, and took it to heart.  She was a crusader.

She too, taught a valuable lesson to many ladies in the dating and married worlds... if you don't have the love you need, MOVE ON.  Married more than seven times, on occasiion to the same man more than once.  She was a woman who KNEW her value.  If she was not receiving the love and attention she needed - she sought it elsewhere with strength.

And I shall never forget a favorite line from her 'Diamond' fragrance add "Diamonds always brought me luck"!

May she live in our hearts and memories forever. 

Photographs courtesy of Google images

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Architectural Digest at the Pier - D.Bryant Archie Textiles and MaleneB Rugs

Shown above, Malene Barnett, Principal of MaleneB handmade rugs.  Produced in both Nepal and China.  Vibrant, creative designs pay homage to life in other regions.   Viewing the rugs of her ever-expanding collection, you can feel the spirits of regions visited for inspiration.   Soft to the hand and extremely durable.  They could very well be wall hangings, as the graphics are so strong.

 Papunya, inspired by the indigenous Australian Aboriginal 'Dot Art'

Malene Barnett
362 Halsey Street, Studio One
Brooklyn, New York  11216
Tel 203 855 9338

The talented, D. Bryant Archie, in front of her incredible textiles.  Her latest collection incorporates Lurex from Africa alongside the wovens.  We had a lengthy conversation, wondering when Africa began using Lurex in their textiles.  If anyone knows, please share.

The woolens are so soft to the touch, you could swear they were cashmere.  D. Bryant said "people always think I weave with cashmere.  I use the finest wool, so it naturally feels like that".  

Believe me, it shows!  

D. Bryant Archie Textiles
28 West 27th. Street, Suite 400
New York, N.Y.  10001
Tel. 646 593 7902

Photographs by Joy Moyler for Hautezone

Architectural Digest at the Pier - Tabletop heaven!

This past Thursday market the beginning of the Architectural Digest Home Design Exhibition. It's located on Pier 94, in NEw York City.  Sunday, March 20th. is the last day. 

Amongst the exhibits is the DIFFA's Dining By Design NY, tabletop presentation.  It is a collective of interior designers, and manufacturers who exhibit tablescapes using various vendors works.  Some have quite the lavish display and use of florals.   The venue smells like the arrival of Spring!  I am only showing a portion of the exhibits here.

On the eve of the opening, there is a lavish party.  This year marked a special celebration for Margaret Russell as she begins her tenure as Editor in Chief of the magazine.  

Admittedly, I've misplaced my cheat-sheet for some of the designers tables.  Hence, I've indicated where my memory serves me correctly.  My apologies to those who I have not credited.  Please, Please... forgive my head, not my heart.

With all these gorgeous place settings, I wsso tempted to pull the bag of pretzels from my bag and can of Fresca and enjoy an afternoon snack.  But, the goal was not to get arrested!

Enjoy... and get out and see it for yourself if you can!

Donna Karan Home

 Bobby Burke Home

 Scandia Down

Ralph Lauren Home


All photos by Joy Moyler for Hautezone

Friday, March 18, 2011

Put some Spring in your step!

Was this the worlds lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngest winter or what?  Spring flings, sandals,  cherry blossoms, eyelet dresses, windblown hair, cafe dining, impromptu picnics, plain ole getting outdoors and walking with faces usp to meet the sun, late lunches and people smiling again!  Hooray!

Spring is in the air - alas!  Well it is March, so perhaps we ought not put away the rubber boots quite yet.  But what promise, what visions of love and lust are oozing to come to light?   Isn't wonderful?

Have yourself a merry weekend, slough off old man winter.  Better yet, send that old beast packing- and get an upgrade on your mobile calling plan.  You're bound to be up late nights on the phone  spewing  'sweet nothings' to a new friend.  Better yet, it's Spring... they are bound to be right beside you.  

For love is in the air!  Enjoy and drink it up responsibly!

Image courtesy Google images. Photographer unknown

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nick Carter Photography - The ONE to book for your wedding!

Okay, I'm guessing you thought you were looking at the cover of a romance novel, with these first two shots!   Well, they ought to be!  These images are the work of Nick Carter (no, not the Backstreet Boy!) but, Nick Carter Photography during Janine and Peters' 'Trash the Dress'  shoot following their wedding in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

Nick is a multiple award winning  New York based photographer specializing in weddings.  He is an 'Editors Pick' for The Knot Magazine, and has been named one of their favorites three years in a row.

This image conjures thoughts of being being swept away in 'From here to Eternity" with Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr.

Nicks' style is to add 'whimsy and fun' to the images when the opportunity suits itself, very much reflecting the spirit of the subjects and 'going with the flow'.  Anyone close to Tara and Andy (shown here) knows they are truly 'kids at heart'.

 Nicks mantra - "At the end of the day, when it's all gone so fast - its important to deliver all the moments they missed.  When they look at the images, they should be able to relive the day over, and over again".

In addition to bridal, Nick shoots 'boudoir, fashion and product.  I URGE you to visit his website and see a broader representation of his portfolio.  If you're newly engaged, or wish to have some amazing boudoir shots for you significant other or just for yourself... do yourself a favor - BOOK HIM!

Nick Carter Photography Inc.

Nick shoots destination weddings worldwide

Japan - A moment of Prayer

Since Friday with the news of Japans' devastating earthquake and Tsunami, I haven't been able to concentrate on much else.  I am glued to CNN's continuous coverage.  With the enormous loss of life, property, fear for the ever-changing status of the nuclear reactors,  and the countries general 'state of emergency'.

This morning, yet again began with 'a moment of prayer' for all those affected, all those searching for loved  ones, and of course the survivors.  Japan is a strong country.  It's people are resilient as its history has proven.  Towns will one day be restored, the human spirit far sooner.  Listening to survivors stories, speaking of homes washing away, falling into immediate action when the tremor began, feeling the earth moving beneath them.  I wondered, "what would I do", "how would I behave", "how would I feel"?

These unnerving sights and sounds bring me closer to humanity.  Who would care for injured? Where will they eat, bathe?  Where will they find clean water in days, months to come?  It's heartbreaking.  Even with Japans preparation and drills, what could have prepared them for this?  

Be blessed.  Be strong.  Japan, we are here for you in your moment of grief and devastation.

Photo courtesy of Google images

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Harlem, New York - 'The Red Rooster' and architectural wonders...

Harlem, New York also known as 'Uptown' has seen many a renaissance, and owns the name 'Harlem, Renaissance' from the 1920's.  It has long been home to various politicians, entertainers, literary nobles throughout the years.  Amongst them - writers such as Langston Hughes, James Baldwin, singer Paul Robeson, politicians like Charlie Rangel and oh yes former President Bill Clinton still has an office there too.

Home to the World famous Apollo Theatres, The Studio Museum of Harlem landmarks many far and wide seek out during their US and New York travels - and for good reason.  Rich in history, they are the heartbeat of Harlem.  Places to go to step back in time, to feel and experience the vibe of all one missed!

Much has happened in Harlem within the last few years, and it is basking in a 'neuvo Renaissance'.  Brick an mortar shops such as Staples, H&M, Nine West, Starbucks are on just as many corners in Harlem as in midtown.  Large banks have laid their claim too.  Beyond that - new construction abounds, particularly the residential type.  Midtown has come Uptown!

Joining other great neighborhood restaurants as Amy Ruth's, and Covo to name a few is  'The Red Rooster' has arrived with much critical acclaim.  Owner/Chef Marcus Samuelson of Aquavit, Bravo's Season 2 Top Chef winner is the reason why.  Chef Samuelson said "if I'm going to live in Harlem, I'm going to cook in Harlem"!  

The Red Rooster is already becoming famous for its artisinal breads and farm fresh ingredients.  Though it serves mostly American cuisine -  I certainly recognize 'Helga's meatballs' on the dinner menu which is, a staple on the Aquavit menu with its mashed potatoes and berries.

It is my new favourite restaurant!  Be sure to stop by for the brunch menu.  First up 'Toast and Chicken', a take on 'Chicken and Waffles'.  Brioche french toast, served with cardamon spiced fried chicken and hot cinnamon maple syrup.  It is served hot and it stays hot, to the last bite.  The burger with truffle fries is pretty fantastic too (brunch and post-brunch menu).  If there's room left - you cannot leave without tasting the Sweet potato doughnuts, served alongside lemon sherbet with whipped cream.

I hear a rooster crooning, soups on!

The Red Rooster
310 Lenox Avenue, New York New York  10027
Between 125th and 126th - 212.792.9001

En route to the restaurant, I came across architecture steeped in history.  Here are several images which stopped me, that I wish to share with you.

All photographs by Joy Moyler for Hautezone