Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor - Passing of a legend... 3.23.11

Word has just come, of the passing of another of Hollywood great acting legends.  A true icon... Dame Elizabeth Taylor.

Loved my many over the world.  Adored, admired, lusted for by men.  What she did for the lingerie business,with that handsewn full slip - in 'Cat of A Hot Tin Roof' was the talk of the fashion indusrty for months.  She made a one piece full slip sexy!

Elizabeth Taylor was a leader in the AIDS fight before, many got on board.  She fought for the rights of others, and took it to heart.  She was a crusader.

She too, taught a valuable lesson to many ladies in the dating and married worlds... if you don't have the love you need, MOVE ON.  Married more than seven times, on occasiion to the same man more than once.  She was a woman who KNEW her value.  If she was not receiving the love and attention she needed - she sought it elsewhere with strength.

And I shall never forget a favorite line from her 'Diamond' fragrance add "Diamonds always brought me luck"!

May she live in our hearts and memories forever. 

Photographs courtesy of Google images

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