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Harlem, New York - 'The Red Rooster' and architectural wonders...

Harlem, New York also known as 'Uptown' has seen many a renaissance, and owns the name 'Harlem, Renaissance' from the 1920's.  It has long been home to various politicians, entertainers, literary nobles throughout the years.  Amongst them - writers such as Langston Hughes, James Baldwin, singer Paul Robeson, politicians like Charlie Rangel and oh yes former President Bill Clinton still has an office there too.

Home to the World famous Apollo Theatres, The Studio Museum of Harlem landmarks many far and wide seek out during their US and New York travels - and for good reason.  Rich in history, they are the heartbeat of Harlem.  Places to go to step back in time, to feel and experience the vibe of all one missed!

Much has happened in Harlem within the last few years, and it is basking in a 'neuvo Renaissance'.  Brick an mortar shops such as Staples, H&M, Nine West, Starbucks are on just as many corners in Harlem as in midtown.  Large banks have laid their claim too.  Beyond that - new construction abounds, particularly the residential type.  Midtown has come Uptown!

Joining other great neighborhood restaurants as Amy Ruth's, and Covo to name a few is  'The Red Rooster' has arrived with much critical acclaim.  Owner/Chef Marcus Samuelson of Aquavit, Bravo's Season 2 Top Chef winner is the reason why.  Chef Samuelson said "if I'm going to live in Harlem, I'm going to cook in Harlem"!  

The Red Rooster is already becoming famous for its artisinal breads and farm fresh ingredients.  Though it serves mostly American cuisine -  I certainly recognize 'Helga's meatballs' on the dinner menu which is, a staple on the Aquavit menu with its mashed potatoes and berries.

It is my new favourite restaurant!  Be sure to stop by for the brunch menu.  First up 'Toast and Chicken', a take on 'Chicken and Waffles'.  Brioche french toast, served with cardamon spiced fried chicken and hot cinnamon maple syrup.  It is served hot and it stays hot, to the last bite.  The burger with truffle fries is pretty fantastic too (brunch and post-brunch menu).  If there's room left - you cannot leave without tasting the Sweet potato doughnuts, served alongside lemon sherbet with whipped cream.

I hear a rooster crooning, soups on!

The Red Rooster
310 Lenox Avenue, New York New York  10027
Between 125th and 126th - 212.792.9001

En route to the restaurant, I came across architecture steeped in history.  Here are several images which stopped me, that I wish to share with you.

All photographs by Joy Moyler for Hautezone

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