Saturday, March 19, 2011

Architectural Digest at the Pier - D.Bryant Archie Textiles and MaleneB Rugs

Shown above, Malene Barnett, Principal of MaleneB handmade rugs.  Produced in both Nepal and China.  Vibrant, creative designs pay homage to life in other regions.   Viewing the rugs of her ever-expanding collection, you can feel the spirits of regions visited for inspiration.   Soft to the hand and extremely durable.  They could very well be wall hangings, as the graphics are so strong.

 Papunya, inspired by the indigenous Australian Aboriginal 'Dot Art'

Malene Barnett
362 Halsey Street, Studio One
Brooklyn, New York  11216
Tel 203 855 9338

The talented, D. Bryant Archie, in front of her incredible textiles.  Her latest collection incorporates Lurex from Africa alongside the wovens.  We had a lengthy conversation, wondering when Africa began using Lurex in their textiles.  If anyone knows, please share.

The woolens are so soft to the touch, you could swear they were cashmere.  D. Bryant said "people always think I weave with cashmere.  I use the finest wool, so it naturally feels like that".  

Believe me, it shows!  

D. Bryant Archie Textiles
28 West 27th. Street, Suite 400
New York, N.Y.  10001
Tel. 646 593 7902

Photographs by Joy Moyler for Hautezone


Kalyn Johnson said...

Ladies - your booths look fabulous and your wares divine! Congratulations on another successful show.

Stylishly yours,

D. Bryant Archie said...

Thank you so much!!

...for the kind words Kalyn & to Joy for your generous and warm spirit!!