Monday, February 28, 2011

Ahhhhh. The architecture of Sussex, Weald in Merry England!

March 2011, World of Interiors is another of my favourite publications.  I feel as though I am on a whirlwind trip with each issue.  This past month I have been longing for hillsides spilling over with greenery, meadows and rolling hills. 

 With absolute glee, I feel restored having gone on the following journey through the medieval timbered 15th, 16th. and 17th. century architectural Nathaniel Lloyd and Edwin Lutyens works on this home in Sussex Weald in England.

The home was that of the family of Nathaniel Lloyd, a successful printer.   Who with his wife devoted his life to restoring the home in collaboration with architect Edwin Lutyens during 1910-1912.

 Throughout the home are the most amazing carved stairways, trestles linking to the homes may restored parts. 

photography courtesy of World of Interiors by Christopher Simon Sykes

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Megha Mittal - puts the midas touch on Escada

 Roughly five years ago I had the pleasure on working on the interiors for 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens in London.  Which was purchased for $128 million dollars.  Home to Lakshimi Mittal and his family.  In residence his daughter-in-law, Megha Mittal.  married to Aditya Mittal, heir fortune to $54 billion dollar Arcelor Mittal - largest steel producer in the WORLD!

The mini-palace has it's own hair salon larger than most professional salons worldwide.  Ballroom, sitting rooms galore, gardens, 20 car garage, Mews, multiple pools - you name it.  But that's another post.

Megha Mittal is beond refinement, culture, business savvy, beauty and beyond smart.  Educated at the Wharton School and former Goldman Sachs alum.  She has an amazing eye for luxury and quality.  So it was no surprise to me, that Megha is making her own stakes on the future success of luxury brand Escada.  What Ms. Mittal does with it, will surely be something to watch.  I say they are lucky and beyond blessed to have her.  I say that is one smart $135 million dollar investment!

Photo of Megha Mittal via Vogue Magazine, March 2011, Others Spring/Summer 2011 Escada

Monday, February 21, 2011

Vogue I'talia paid an homage to African American beauties....

  I was making an attempt to organize magazines, closets and a world of stuff today.  No doubt an attempt or first-pass at 'Spring cleaning', as it was so beautiful, and close to  a whopping 68 degrees on Friday.  Accompanied wouldn't you have it by snow today!  Well it is February, the very month when anything at all can happen... and it did! Mother nature has the best sense of humor.  But that is another topic.

While combing the shelves looking for something, I was unable to find, I came across Vogue I'talia.  Published July 2008 as the 'Black Issue' for it featured African-American models only.  True, it received alot of commentary as a result.  

I celebrate beauty, fortitude, strength, love, divine power, positive messages and goodness without the need for a label. Check plus to women who are doing it! Raising children, putting food on the table, working hard, friends, athletes, widows, newlyweds, those on a first date, those holding hands while escorting friends to appointments with oncologists, friends to those in need who desperately need reasons to smile, adopting children, bursting through glass ceilings, mowing lawns all that and more.  

All that said, I wanted to share the beautiful images of models such as Arlenis Sosa, Veronica Webb, Tyra Banks, Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn, Liya KebedeKaren Alexander, Naomi Campbell, Toccarra Jones, Alva Chin and countless others who have paved the way... who just happen to be 'African American' women... who simply make the world a beautiful and better place!  Most of the images were photographed by Steven Meisel, a legend in his own right!



 Photographs courtesy of Steven Meisel and Dusan Reljin

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Keeping things in the moment - one frame at a time...

I really enjoy taking pictures. Photography is my way of 'keeping things in the moment'.  It's my way of documenting my life and giving life to objects around me.  Free expression, akin to the gift of dance.  I imagine I am an 'image hoarder'.  I like to etch what I see in my mind.

For I often say, the thing that would bother me most in life, would be to lose my memory.  How tragic to not remember places I've been, spices I've tasted, loves I've lost and those I still have.  

Yes, a picture is a thousand words, for all those one day not to be said.  I hope you enjoy a few others I have taken below:

All photographs by Joy Moyler for Hautezone

Sunday, February 6, 2011

With these hands... An homage to people who've 'Made it'.

Though I am an interior designer, most would be surprised to know my background is actually architecture.     I love designing and building things from the bottom up.  Actually, I may just literally love 'getting my hands dirty'.

I have a deep rooted love for craftspeople.  All craftspeople.  Anyone, with a vision and the tools to bring an idea to fruition has my deepest admiration.  Anyone possessing a keen awareness and ability to carve, sew, build, forge, blow, weave and fashion has me with "I MADE THIS".

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting some fabulous 'crafts people' at an event for RUE Magazine.  They are D.Bryant Archie (maker of incredible textiles), Malene Barnett  (Malene B maker of custom extraordinary rugs), Jacqueline Lamont (milliner), Anishka Clarke,  of Ishka Designs (an incredible interior designer), Kayln Johnson stylist and stationery (Effie's Paper), Kathleen Hyppolite (a talented florist) and Manvi Drona-Hidalgo (graphics artist).   

All are incredible talents who 'MADE THIS'!  I walked away from that party, exuberant, rejuvenated and in awe of their talents.  (Note: even more thrilled to see women supporting each other, being encouraging, and saying "you have to meet..."  And each conversation just started with a smile.

I brake at the scent of wood being cut, and love watching sparks dance off of metal, and the ranges of crimsons and honeys as metals being forged. Glass being blown, each molecule being transformed by fire.

So, I happened to have my camera with me, while strolling in Soho last week and could not resist capturing some of what I saw. Knowing, with every soul of my being that somewhere someone once said "I MADE THIS".

 With that, I share with you my love of carved wood, forged metals and cast irons...

All photography by Joy Moyler for Hautezone

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Diddy Style... The Callabo. The remix featuring BNO!

BNO Design is the incredibly masterful talented interior designer firm, made famous for designing Monsieur Lenny Kravitz's loft in New York's art and culture hub - Soho.  I can call him 'Monsieur 'because he also resides in Paris right?  (Sidebar: Lenny's loft was recently purchased by elegant, definition of gorgeous, new-mama Ms.Alicia Keys and hubby Swiss Beatz for a 'rumored' 14 million 'Grammy's). That's what I call 'A Womans Worth'!

Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz is the design principal at BNO. He was lead designer for interior design 'guru' John Saladino, along with Jose Solis Bentancourt, another friend a few years before I got there.  Each of these fascinating gentlemen left their mark.    'Benji', heads an amazing 'think outside the box' design team.  Their approaches are always 'on the pulse of the city'.  Their work reflects a deep richness, a bespoke mentality towards the unusual and yet it always works. 

And so, who else would someone sharing the very 'bespoke mentality toward the unusual' call upon to design their home environ besides - the 'Puffster'?  Okay, let me clean that up --- Mr. Sean Combs. After what I understand was a  five years, no doubt due to Diddy's travel schedule, and time discovering new artist -- he brings us the newly completed 'Diddy Castle in the sky'.  Referencing, the high floor above Central Park.

Mr. Coombs despite the title of your latest CD - 'Dirty money from Paris ', - this ihas all the earmarks of clean living, 'Nice and Smooth'.  Can I come visit, because I would  really, really like to see this one up close?

 All photography courtesy of
BNO Design
75 Spring Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10012

P: 212.343.9709
F: 212.343.9263

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Arch Digest - It's Aliiiiiiiiiiive! Thanks to pint sized power house Margaret Russell & Co.,

 Finally, after all these years Architectural Digest is something to covet!  The March 2011 issue of Architectural Digest is a must see, must read!  

I adore the Fifth Avenue home of Daphne Guiness, which is shown above.  At the helm, architect/interior designer Daniel Romuladez.  Who also designed the lovely home of Tory Burch.

Overflowing in style with its hall of mirrors, ebonized floors, veracious color and velvet.   I would never imagine three teen aged children live here, but they do and fabulously well (I might add).

It has all the high gloss images we love to see in Elle Decor and our favorite other shelter magazines.  Champagne parties have to be overflowing at the AD offices with this one!  Gone are the 'granny panty' interiors projects typically shown in AD we 'used o know'.  

For all of us who wondered "what is Margaret going to do?" we have our answer.  The baby has been delivered and...

This baby is ALIVE! and it's screaming... I AM HERE!  Congratulations to the AD team!