Thursday, February 24, 2011

Megha Mittal - puts the midas touch on Escada

 Roughly five years ago I had the pleasure on working on the interiors for 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens in London.  Which was purchased for $128 million dollars.  Home to Lakshimi Mittal and his family.  In residence his daughter-in-law, Megha Mittal.  married to Aditya Mittal, heir fortune to $54 billion dollar Arcelor Mittal - largest steel producer in the WORLD!

The mini-palace has it's own hair salon larger than most professional salons worldwide.  Ballroom, sitting rooms galore, gardens, 20 car garage, Mews, multiple pools - you name it.  But that's another post.

Megha Mittal is beond refinement, culture, business savvy, beauty and beyond smart.  Educated at the Wharton School and former Goldman Sachs alum.  She has an amazing eye for luxury and quality.  So it was no surprise to me, that Megha is making her own stakes on the future success of luxury brand Escada.  What Ms. Mittal does with it, will surely be something to watch.  I say they are lucky and beyond blessed to have her.  I say that is one smart $135 million dollar investment!

Photo of Megha Mittal via Vogue Magazine, March 2011, Others Spring/Summer 2011 Escada

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