Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lunch at Mr. Armani's...

When Giorgio Armani opened his new latest concept flagship A5A (Armani 5th Avenue) February 2009, he also brought his culinary desires as well.

The Armani Ristorante serves up some of Mr. Armani's favorite dishes, taken from menus served at his homes, in an environment and sexy and sleek as the clothing he designs.

It is a beautiful dining experience. The backdrop is Fifth Avenue with its twinkling lights. The low dining light (candlelight level), makes everyone's skin look healthy and youthful. Note: Great first date location.

All are welcome and the food is delicious! Pasta is cooked to perfection and the hazelnut gelato is divine. Just try not to eat too much of it. One can be tempted to lick the plate. You cannot find a better espresso this side of Milan. While you may take the elevator directly to the ristorante, I suggest the longer route, along the sensuous stairs. For along the way you'll experience some quite magnificent apparel and accessories.

Just leave enough money for cab fare!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Getting hammered...

Robert lee Morris Feather cuff

I adore silver jewelry in during the summer months. Every time it catches the light, I am reminded of the shimmer of sunlight hitting water. It conjures every image of a day foraging for seashells, grilling seaside, boating and everything translating into fun and relaxation.

These images are from Departures magazine, and hit every mark for chic, elegant, tasteful works by master silversmiths.

Krizia Spheres cuff, Gaffney Barnett bracelet, John Hardy Ten Coil bracelet, Hermes Tourbillion cuff, George Jensen Mobius bangle.

Jill Platner 'Smiles' necklace

Pat Arias ring, Stephen Webster Superstud strip ring, Patricia Von Musulin Bubble ring, David Yurman Cable ring, Pat Arias ring

Michelle Oka Doner for Christophle Palmaceae necklace

Vintage Jean Despres silver bracelet