Friday, May 20, 2011

Friends In Deed... Support the arts!

In sync with my earlier post today regarding 'Living with Art'... I have just received an invitation to attend the Friends In Deed Cocktails and Auction on Wednesday, June 1st. 6:30 p.m. at the Phillips du Pury & Company auction house here in New York.  Spearheaded by 1stDibs' Michael Bruno, Andy Cohen and Calvin Klein's Francisco Costa

It may be gauche to post the invite but it's for a worthy cause.  What can be better than supporting art and people in need?  Incredible photographers works will be presented.  Amongst them... Francesco Scavullo, Diane Arbus, Patrick Demarchelier, Todd Eberle, Ron Galella (famous for his many Jackie O images), Herb Ritts, Deborah Turbeville, Firooz Zahedi, Ellen Von Unwerth and Bruce Weber.  These are just a few mentions.  The list is extraordinary!  And those close to me already know I love photographers!  Come on! let's fill up those walls!

If you can attend and support the cause, please do.  Tickets are $100.00 USD for auction and cocktails.

450 Park Avenue (at 57th. Street)
New York, N.Y.  10022

Call 1 800 996 5433

Now that's a dress!!!

Now this is what you wear for a grand entrance an exit!  This is likely to be the most photographed dress of the day...

Giovanni Battaglia made all the guys (and girls) in the room go gaga when she wore this beautiful little  BIG stunner by Rudi Gernreich at the amFar Cinema Against Aids Event.

Photograph courtesy of

Living with...Art

One thing that gives me a great deal of pleasure is visiting aome of my old friends - books and magazines.  Thumbing through House & Garden, November 2007 I came across the residence of Estee LAuder's John Demsey and his wife Anouschka.  
Sure the residence located in the Museum of Modern Art Tower has a great view, is high above the city and surrounds it's occupants with incredible vintage and new furnishings.  But what I really love about it is ... the art!

One of my favorites is 'Smoke Rings' by Donald Sultan.

Come on! Who doesn't love a monkey wearing a mask?  This photo was taken by Albert Watson.  I would live a copy of this Mr.Watson!

If you are lucky enough to have lots of walls to accomodate it, and you love it... what can change a room faster than a revolving art collection?  Not much, the bigger the better!  Mix colorful with black and white, serious with whimsy.  Come on, a monkey wearing a mask?  Indeed yes!  So find yourself some kindergarten kids and finger paint with them and frame it in something special - and get it up on the wall!  - STAT!

Guaranteed, you'll have alot of fun doing it!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So thrilled to be on the list of Top 20 African American Interior Designers 2011


The Top 20 African American Interior Designers 2011

Image Michel Boyd of Smith Boyd Interiors
I understand that everytime I walk into an auditorium to deliver a speech to high school students or sit on a panel for a discussion about interior design, I represent the minority.  Not just as an African American, but more specifically as one working as a professional in the design industry.  When I am featured in magazines and other media outlets, the question that repeatedly arises is, who are the top AfricanAmerican designers? First, understand this. It is impossible to build a successful career defining yourself as only an African American designer. Yes, I am African American, but I obtain clients of all races. I am sure that the designers on the list will agree. Beauty and style know no color.  To be fair, I worked with many different individuals to compile this list. I took suggestions from other designers, decorative center staff from around the country, local realtors and home builders. I submitted the list to my esteemed colleagues for scrutiny and this is the final tally. In no particular order, here are our Top 20 African American Designers.

Top 20 African American Designers 2011
Image Michel Boyd of Smithboydinteriors
Michel Boyd                Smith Boyd Interiors     Atlanta
Cecil Hayes                 Cecil Hayes                           Miami        
Elaine Griffin               Elaine Griffin                     New York
Ron Woodson              Wodson and Rum               Los Angeles
Sheila Bridges              Sheila Bridegs                  New York
Darryl Carter                Darryl Carter                      New York 
Afiya H. Kumar           AHA Designs                     Chicago
Robin Wilson               Robin Wilson Home        New York 
Joan Goodwin              Vernandah Interiors           Columbia, SC
Keitha Brathwaite        Contrast Design     Chicago
Kimberly Ward            Kimberly +Cameron   Houston
Joy Moyler                   Joy Moyler Interiors       New York
Marian Akinloye         MA Design Studio           New York
Erin Shakoor               Shakoor Interiors                    Chicago
Venus Williams           Vstarr Interiors                  Miami
Lisa Turner                  Interior Obsessions          Los Angeles
Courtney Sloane          Courtney Sloane               New York
Nyla Simone               Nyla Simone Home        Tempe, AZ
Janice Palmer              Ydesign International                Atlanta
Kim Myles                  KimMyles                              New York

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ralph Lauren brings another gem to Soho

On one of the top ten beautiful days in New York, our fashion Royal Highness, Mr. Ralph Lauren has only moments ago opened another of his majestic gems here in Soho this morning.  I always have such a great time with his store openings.  Even after eight years with the company, I still herald in the glory of another opening.  It's always such fun to see the staff and employees who've worked so arduously on the store, decked out in the latest seasons garments.

I didn't have much time, so I just breezed through the first floor.  It houses all the lines and the shoe salon looked fresh, colorful and divine.  I will take more time next time, and provide more shots I promise!!!

I predict it will be another winner!

No wonder my Ralph stock is doing so well!  He keeps bringing it.  I love you Ralph!

Ralph Lauren
109 Spring Street
New York, New York