Friday, May 20, 2011

Living with...Art

One thing that gives me a great deal of pleasure is visiting aome of my old friends - books and magazines.  Thumbing through House & Garden, November 2007 I came across the residence of Estee LAuder's John Demsey and his wife Anouschka.  
Sure the residence located in the Museum of Modern Art Tower has a great view, is high above the city and surrounds it's occupants with incredible vintage and new furnishings.  But what I really love about it is ... the art!

One of my favorites is 'Smoke Rings' by Donald Sultan.

Come on! Who doesn't love a monkey wearing a mask?  This photo was taken by Albert Watson.  I would live a copy of this Mr.Watson!

If you are lucky enough to have lots of walls to accomodate it, and you love it... what can change a room faster than a revolving art collection?  Not much, the bigger the better!  Mix colorful with black and white, serious with whimsy.  Come on, a monkey wearing a mask?  Indeed yes!  So find yourself some kindergarten kids and finger paint with them and frame it in something special - and get it up on the wall!  - STAT!

Guaranteed, you'll have alot of fun doing it!

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