Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tile crushing with Ann Sachs!

Call me crazy (go ahead, it's been done before), but I love dirt!  I love mud, and I love clay!!! Beyond the ACTUAL dirt factor, I LOVE what some forms of 'dirt' mud, clay and terra cotta become.  Come on think about it!  The possibilities are endless.
The very best of all is pottery and tile! So what should be a relatively simple task of searching for tile for projects becomes waaaaaay more intense than needed.  Because I totally 'crush' on tile! 
Here are a few that caught my attention from Ann Sacks.  You'll find some pretty great stuff from various designers as well, under one roof.  Clodagh, Barbra Barry, Vincente Wolfe and Michael C. Smith too.

Who is YOUR tile crush?