Saturday, June 30, 2012

Joy Moyler Interiors in Ebony's Sexy Issue

 Joy Moyler Interiors, my design firm was one of the featured interior designers in the July 2012 'Sexy Issue, of Ebony magazine.  In it, I share quick tips on creating a sexy home environment.   Yes, bringing sexy back?  Prince was right! Sexy never left!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

African American Top 20 Interior Designers

For the second year in a row, I have had the pleasure of being counted amongst the 2012 Top 20 African American Interior Designers in the US.  

Hosted, and presented by the esteemed Kimberly Ward of Pinkeggshell, the gathering took place in New York at Jay-Z's hot 40/40 Club.  It was a fun filled evening of 'meets and greets' with the opportunity to say hello and share hugs and stories with other designers whose work I admire.

It was a fun opportunity to speak before the crowd, sharing anecdotes and talking about my experiences throughout the years while working on projects for Leonardo DiCaprio, David Geffen, Adrien Brody, John Mayer and David Garrett to name a few.

I am incredibly passionate about interior design and hopefully my bits inspired an up and coming designer to continue to work hard, be diligent and put the work in.  It is indeed worth it!

Congrats to my fellow designers on the list.  You guys rock!!! And BIG THANK YOU again to Kimberly Ward for her hard work.

Me with Kimberly Ward of PinkEggshell

Me with Dwight Eubanks of Atlanta Housewives and ANTM's Eva Marcielle

My bio page from the program

Monday, June 4, 2012

"Something like OLIVIA"!

Perhaps this Olivia is not THE Olivia John Mayer had in mind, while composing his song "Something like Olivia", for his newly released 'Born and Raised".

But it's another, 'Olivia' I just love.  I was originally introduced to this series of books while hanging out with my god daughter Vanessa May.  Wouldn't you know, I was so taken by this 'girly-girl' and her antics, I have purchased the series for myself.  

Okay, let's just put aside the fact that the books are about a pig (full of all girl spirit!)  But isn't that what the power of reading is supposed to do? Change your view, introduce you to something new - and take you away without leaving the room or wherever else you may be?    Hey, look at the mouse Stuart Little.  So engaging you feel for him.  Or the mouse in the acclaimed film 'Ratatouille'.

Written and illustrated by the very talented Ian Falconer, it is just too precious for words.  Come on, at the end of the day couldn't we all use a moment of hanging out with our 'inner child'?

And if you'd like to see John's 'Something like Olivia' here she is...