Thursday, August 30, 2012

Men...Afternoon delight...

Okay, isn't it about time we see something other than shoes, lipstick and beautiful rooms? I cannot believe I just said that!  

Wipe your mouth ladies.....

And yet, more Toby of Storm Models...

Images from The Fashionisto Tumblr and Storm Models

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Marchesa in the Studio.

I will forever and a day be about craftsmanship.  It's something I feel to my core.  A lingering sense of respect and admiration for those who envision a dream and make it so - stitch by stitch.  Details, profound.  

The power of creation, the elements that come together to make something truly special - and divine.  It may come from seeing my grandmother make exquisitely tailored clothing by hand.  Influenced by Dior and Balenciaga.  From my grandfather taking me to Barneys' as a child.  My killing time time thumbing the textiles and smelling the handcrafted leather mens shoes that laid in the fitting rooms.  Very early on, I discovered a real respect for fine cashmere, Irish linen (the best of it always wrinkles) inherent in the fibers.  Long part of its allure.

So when I see the utterly magical creations, soon to be legends - craftsmanship of the likes of Georgina Chapman and her partner Karen Craig of Marchesa, simply my heart flutters. The images here are from - but the sentiment of all they create are mine.  Long lasting and pure.

 The inspiration boards are swoon-worthy...

 Details are pure magic... Just imagine how long it took to create a square inch of this embroidery...

 Influences to be proud of...

All images courtesy of

Get your head right!

I was captured and held hostage by a wicked headache most of the day, resulting in being obsessed with my head.  Took a bike ride to clear my thoughts, went for a long walk and took a quick nap - all to no avail.  

Seems my fingertips were equally obsessed with my head and I stumbled upon some great images with spectacular headwear.  I share a few which captured my eye and my head...
Enjoy, and by all means feel good!  

 Photos courtesy of  
She has complied some amazing images, none of which she owns but is delighted to share.  Gotta put that credit in place for all her compilation work.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Polynesian tattoos... A tribal artform

I so love the graphics, the artistry of these tattoos, I thought I would share this previously published post with you again.  Get inked!

On a recent trip to Hawaii, I fell in love with Polynesian tattoos.  Several times, I stopped the wearer to discuss their point of origin, and their meanings.  The response was always a 'spiritual' one.  Most referenced their connection to the earth, family, the sea.  And of course, heritage.

Many would not not allow me to photograph them, out of respect for the gods.  I understood.  However I returned home still aching to see more of them.  I am thrilled to have found several on Maori's Polynesian Tattoo site.  They are a true art and 'arm form'.  Though you will find they adorn calves anc backs as well.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do...

The Rock’s large tattoo above is a traditional Samoan tattoo, done by an artist in Hawaii. It incorporates traditional tribal patterns and symbols representing Johnson’s life history, his family and their spirit guides. This extensive half sleeve wraps all the way around the upper arm, over the shoulder and onto the chest. It was at a later stage that he had the tattoo design
extended forward, adding a warrior visage over his heart.

Traditionally, Samoan tattooing is done by an artist attended by several assistants who handle the tools, hold the person down and stretch the skin
taut. The tools were a bone-tipped rake and a striking stick. The rake would be dipped in ink, placed over the skin then struck with the other tool to puncture the skin.

Johnson has never said whether his tattoo was done using these traditional tools, but he spoke in a Playboy interview of the three sessions and sixty hours it took to execute the freestyle tattoo. No stencils or prior skin markings were used, the artist created this image totally freehand.

 Samoan Polynesian Half Sleeve

Niuean/Maori Shoulder Tattoo

Rotuman Shoulder Tattoo

Polynesian Shoulder Tattoo

Above Images courtesy of

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fashion's Night Out - #FNO

Fashions Night Out is baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

September 6, 2012
Bigger, Bolder with more countries representing than ev-A!
Put it on your To Do list, your "I gotta have it list", your "Momma can I pleeeeeease go list", your "I'll eat peas list"... 

Do some shopping, meet old friends and make new ones.  Hear music by new DJ's, chat with celeb divas mixing drinks, and get stuck in the revolving doors at Bergdorf's.  Just follow the champagne bottles and find your way back home!

Vogue and CFDA enlisted Norman Jean Roy to shoot the campaign and look at the familiar faces who came in to lend their support... we knew we loved them for a reason...

Visit the website to plan your evening, find supporting retailers and get to shopping!  
Short sleeve T-shirts are just $25.00 USD, so support the cause and buy one or two.  They are also available in Blue this year, as part of the Official FNO Collection 2012.  So get out find a retailer near you, buy some T-shirts and support an incredible event.

Lauren Santo Domingo

Lauren Santo Domingos Parisian duplex smack-dab-in the in the city exudes the beauty of all things French.  The 'modernscaped' grande family residence is beautifully photographed by famous interiors photographer Oberto Gili in Vogues famous September issue.

Luckily, Vogue gave a few of its 916 page issue to LSD whose portraits are by Norman Jean Roy.  Lauren conveys hey long love affair with France as a young girl, growing up in Connecticut.  A co-founder of Moda Operandi, mother, contributing editor to Vogue Magazine, wife called in highly esteemed and published French decorator Francois Catroux for assistance in designing the flat. Filled with Louis XVl chairs and en suites, moroccan rugs and modern selections, the flat is fresh and modern with a divine sense of French history.

Footnote: I want breakfast on that terrace every morning!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ralph Lauren Home - RLH Furniture New Collection

Our lovely friends at Ralph Lauren sent me the 146 page catalogue of new pieces in the Ralph Lauren Home Furniture line.  Also known as RLH Furniture Collection, the pieces speak to true Americana furniture design and construction.  Most items will be at home in Modern, Rustic, or Contemporary environments.  

The Collection contains beautiful pottery and earthenware in addition to casegoods and seating elements.  I am especially fond of the red stained storage items and leather seating.  As most of you already know, I am a former employee whose love of the brand continues.  That being said, there isn't a project I work on where I don't use a few RL pieces.  Even if the space is exceptionally modern.  Somehow, it just always works!  

Mr. Lauren continues his timeless, classic design.  True to the core!

Ralph Lauren Home
979 Third Avenue
NYC 10021

Ralph Lauren Collection
867 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10021