Thursday, August 9, 2012

Robert Pattinsons' Retreat at Reese Witherspoons' estate

Elle Decors September 2012 issue is an incredible ode to the end of Summer.  Thespian Reese Witherspoons Ojai California dreamy hideaway, for very lucky friends and family is well represented on its pages.

This lovely approachable and relaxed home, is gaining extra notoriety for it is the present residence of dreamy broken-hearted-hearthrob fellow thespian Robert Pattinson of the insanely profitable 'Twilight' sagas and 'Water for Elephants' fame.

It appears to be a wonderful place for reflection and getting ones goals and life on track in the midst of chaos.  And yes, stealing away from crazed paparazzi. 

Some of my favorite elements are the rough-hewn beams, and metalmongery. The palette, affords enjoying the elegant simplicity of the residence.  I can image countless fireplace gatherings of tabletop games with the family.  Not to mention the endless al fresco feast on the bougainvillea laden terrace.  

Hopefully Mr. Pattinson is enjoying himself, greeting the sunrise and promise of new days in this beautiful home.  As Ms. Witherspoon awaits the arrival of her new beautiful baby.   I certainly hope so.

Photos by William Waldron Produced by Anita Sarsidi

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