Tuesday, September 17, 2013

UPDATE: SOLD!!!! Ellen Degeneres Cali Equestrian Estate can be yours!!!!

If the sight of Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi's 26 acre Equestrian Ranch, in the Santa Monica Mountains, in the recent Elle Decor magazine stopped you in your tracks TODAY could be your lucky day!!!!

Turns out the incredible, vintage rough-hewn inspired residence with outer structures (barns, tennis court, cottages) and horse farm is on the market! Yes, it can be yours for a very small sum of $11,000.000 USD.  I think it's worth it! Though far too grand for my purse.
Rumor has it... they've purchase John Saladino's Montecito villa for $26,000.000.  I was a designer in Mr. Saladino design studio when he purchased that residence and was in the process of renovating.  It was even gorgeous in the before state.  Now it is BEYOND incredible.  And YES! I thoroughly predict it will exceed the asking price.  Yes, it is THAT great!

Photos courtesy of William Abranowicz for Elle Decor magazine

Hey! should one of you Hautezone readers make and offer, and make it your home... Pretty please invite me to the home welcoming soiree.  I promise I will bring you a really nice gift!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Oscar Close Up! with @OscarPRGirl and Elle Decor

Oscar de la Renta has one of the most capable and social ready PR gals in the public relations bizzness!

I've long been a 'pressed against the glass' devotee of Mr. de La Renta for years. Fully digesting his exquisite tailoring and craftsmanship season, after season.  I blame my mother for this fixation, as she often donned his supreme wares an evening out.

Erika Bearman a.k.a. OscarPrGirl has introduced the stabled fashion house to countless new 'fashionistas' with her social savvy and exuberant daily 'selfies', depicting model like stares while wearing the brands latest creations (sometimes even dipping into the vintage crate).

Elle Decors' October 2013 Issue finds Lady Bearman at her Southampton, New York residence which she shares with her hubby, who too clearly loves a colorful world.  Miles Redd, decorated the handsome happy space.

While I don't often surround myself with so much color - I can safely say I LOVE this house.  I mean, upon entering that delightful cabana like seafoam entry - all cares must disappear into the clouds.

Follow @OscarPrGirl on Instagram, and Pinterest for daily fun!

All photos courtesy of Elle Decor magazine.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

BUILD it and they will come...

I'm quite fond of this BUILD storage system, designed by Jack Godfrey Wood along with Tom Ballhatchet for Movisi.

Its forms take on (the overly used 'Organic') placement and random nature on the wall, which is a nice departure from the 'symetrical' installations I'm generally attached to.  I might be inclined to paint random units - matte metallic of Gold, Silver or Shiny vs. Matte and toss them in.  I think that would add a nice approach as well.

Triangular clips support individual pieces in the back, and the units are said to be quite light. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Monique LHuillier's touch of Malachite

It was feeling awful breezy round these parts yesterday.  A welcome relief following the last weeks heatwave.  It seemed daunting to even think of Fall fashions just ten days ago, where seeing tweed and cashmere in the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf seemed utterly ridiculous.  I needed a hankie to wipe my brow just thinking about boots!

But here we are with commercials announcing 'Back to School' deals and get this - COUNTDOWNS to Christmas!  Not quite there mentally yet.  But Oh! one wonderful caveat of the impending holiday season - Holiday parties!!!

Monique Lhuillier's Fall 2013 Collection answers the dreaded question... "What on earth am I going to wear"?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Uptown Magazine - True Urban Chic by Joy Moyler Interiors

I was really flattered, when Uptown Magazine wanted to feature my Joy Moyler Interiors design work in their Home and Food June/July 2013 Issue.  Editor/Writer Ronda Racha Penrice and Editor in Chief Isoula Harris, were more than a pleasure and I exuberantly want to publicly say THANK YOU to both of them for their support!  
Of course, I am additionally honored to be featured alongside singer John Legend, who I am a big fan of.  Hmmmmm, I sure would like to work on a project for he and his fiancee Chrissy Tiegen - and a whole lot of other projects too!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hawaiian Royalty - The Surfing Duke Kahanamoku

 Duke Kahanamoku, (August 24, 1890 - January 22, 1968) the famed Hawaiian surfer who later became Mayor of Honolulu, Hawaiian folk hero and five-time Olympic swim medalist.  You cannot walk on the main boulevards of Waikiki in Honolulu and not see images of Duke Kahanamoku.  Fresh leis are placed on his large bronze statue daily.  It is a pilgrimage for surfing enthusiasts young and old.
I have even witnessed a multitude of prayers taking place at its site.  Sure, his name is also on several restaurants throughout Hawaii.  But I yearned to know more about him.  
I love the water, I love surfing (granted I do not participate in the sport), I LOVE watching it!  Whenever I visit Oahu, I drive along the North Shore to Pipeline (stopping at as many shrimp trucks as I possibly can along the way).  Pipeline, is the locale where true enthusiasts surf.  The true desitination point. The waves are phenomenal, upwards of 40 feet  and many surfing competitions are held there.  It's the equivalent of the American Super Bowl or Wimbelton!  And boy oh boy is it worth going to!!! Did I mention just how hot those surf boys are?????

Duke was also a very good friend and surfing companion to Doris Duke, who built a manse (now a museum) on Oahu, known as Shangri-la.

While living in Newport BeachCalifornia on June 14, 1925, Kahanamoku rescued eight men from a fishing vessel that capsized in heavy surf while attempting to enter the city's harbor. 29 fishermen went into the water and 17 perished. Using his surfboard, he was able to make quick trips back and forth to shore to increase the number of sailors rescued. Two other surfers saved four more fishermen. Newport's police chief at the time called Duke's efforts "the most superhuman surfboard rescue act the world has ever seen."

The Duke with Amelia Earhardt in Honolulu

Duke passed away at the age of 77 from a massive heart attack.  Leaving a legacy carried on my lovers of the sport.

Long live the Duke!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wedding Dresses fit for Royalty...

It's the heart of wedding season!  The time of year I become a single woman again because my hubby is a wedding photographer and I won't see him again until November (sigh).

Fortunately, I've been able to attend several wedding with him this season.  And I have to say - "the Ladies are bringing it"!  I have seen some of the most spectacular wedding dresses EVER!!!!

So in this week fueled with ideas and dreams of what it might feel like to marry a Royal - I thought I would share some of these exquisite bedazzled frocks fit for a Queen... Feast your eyes and behold!

Images via Preston Bailey and Reema Acra and Berta Bridal