Friday, August 15, 2014

I've got Issuu's! with Blaire and CXlll Magazines...

One thing I always look forward to discovering is the brilliant marriage of visual artists and mad creative geniuses!  Several Issuu publications provide the best balanced diet of visual stimulation with a slight 'dark horse' edge I really like.  Kind of 'Orange is the New Black' meets 'CMagazine'!

Stumbling through Issuu's site, I discovered both Blaire and CXlll sometime ago.  They are purrrrfect examples of this visual marriage I spoke of.  Of course I wanted to highlight some of their images and share them with you.  I certainly hope the Mad Genius' at Blaire and CXlll, don't mind my singing their creative praises!

Here are some of the Wicked, Sexy, Cool things you'll find from these two great online publications!

Enjoy and my all means...shake things up and live on the dark side for a while... All in fun! and of course...All in Love!