Sunday, May 10, 2015

45th Annual Atlanta Symphony Associates' Decorators Showhouse and Gardens

This past week I I went South! To Atlanta that is.  The trip was part of the festivties celebrating #AATOP20, that is The Top 20 African American Interiors Designers, which I am pleased to say I have been listed on the past several years.

It's an organization formed by Pinkeggshell's Kimberly Ward. The trip involved a trip to the Atlanta Symphony Designer Showcase.

I've been to many, many, many show houses over the years and they are great fun.   I thoroughly enjoyed this one as well.  It's always a great experience as a designer to let your imagination and pocketbook run wild, when you can create from a 'set designers' perspective of illusion as 'real people' don't live there.  But when, great rooms are created they are approachable and livable too.

My approach is to run through them quickly and photograph them while empty.  Then I take two passes looking at details.  Original architectural details always stop me in my tracks!  I am divinely captivated by craftsmanship.  On occasion I succumb to 'newness' but nothing tops skill and craftsmanship.  Yes, I will ALWAYS be that girl!

And oh yes, the house is on the market for sale!  Unfortunately, the last day is May 10th. So I'm thrilled I was able to check it out.  Well, there's always next year!

Breakfast room and Den by Vern Yip of Vern Yip Designs

Vern Yip Designs

Vern Yip Designs

 Golden Bordeaux Boudoir by Bryan Alan Kirkland and Alesia King of Kirkland and King Designs

 Golden Bordeaux Boudoir by Bryan Alan Kirkland and Alesia King of Kirkland and King Designs

First Floor Guest Room by Melanie Turner Interiors

 Living Room by Smith Boyd Interiors

 Upstairs Retreat by Stephen Pararo

Kitchen by Robin LaMonte and Rooms Revamped

 Nursery by Knotting Hill Interiors

Dining Room by Randy Koran with Foxwoods Gardens

Dining Room by Randy Koran with Foxwoods Gardens

 Dining Room by Randy Koran with Foxwoods Gardens

Master Suite by Robert Brown Interiors

 Master Suite by Robert Brown Interiors

Guest Bedroom by Melanie Turner

Guest Bedroom by Melanie Turner
 Gentlemen's Study by Parker Kennedy


All Photos are by me... Joy Moyler

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dining By Design - DIFFA for Architectural Digest Home Show

This past Thursday heralding the arrival of Spring (even though it snowed here in New York),  was the Opening of the annual Home Design Show presented by Architectural Digest Magazine.  As usual it delivered countless shopping resources for Hospitality, Residential and Commercial design solutions. rugs, kitchen products, flooring, windows and furniture and textiles galore!

I especially enjoy talking to the manufacturers of handmade textiles, wood tables and glass products. I am always the 'down to support crafts girl"!

I attended on Thursday and the line to get inside was incredible in the morning!  One of the highlights of the show is DIFFA Design Industries DINING BY DESIGN brought to us by Trustees Alfredo Parades (of Ralph Lauren) and Cindy Allen.  The exhibit shows incredible tablescapes by some of the most creative designers.  It's always a great opportunity to see some of my favorite designers strolling about and chat it up with them,. Attending inspirational seminars introducing new products and wares, always keeps me abreast of new things on the horizon or in development.

For many of us, who've been attending for years it's like Homecoming Weekend at some universities.  Many sponsored by textile houses and manufactures.  Forgive me if I've forgotten a name or two.

Enjoy some of my favorites here... Got my brand new camera and took these photos at the show! Never know when I might sneak up on you! So smile pretty!

Architectural Digest

Ralph Lauren Paints

Ralph Lauren Paints

Benjamin Moore by Tyler Wisler

Essie by Robert Verdi

Marks and Franz


MOEN by Evette Rios

Stacey Garcia


Perkins + Will by Steven South 


Spin Ceramics

Beacon Hill by Corey Damen Jenkins


Casali by Mac Stopa





Smart Water

Today is the last day of the show, and many presented items are available for sale!!!! So get your carts ready!


Architectural Digest Home Design Show
Piers 92 & 94 55th Street
New York, NY

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Scenario Home... Joy's Stylemakers picks

I am so excited to participate in Scenario Homes Stylemakers series.  They asked me to select just a few items from their extensive and beautiful pieces.  Believe me,  I could go on forever!  I am about to do a great deal of shopping for clients and myself.  They ship internationally too!

Visit these links and get shopping for Spring!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Russia calling ... my new design Inspiration

So I recently took on a new design project in Russia.  Just outside Moscow to be exact.  It's incredibly exciting and I've been knee deep in designing since I met the clients. Who are Phenenomenal!  I have to say with this new endeavor, I have become obsessed with and immersed in Russian culture and design.  Good thing since I will be traveling there quite often.

Without a doubt, I am looking forward to seeing new Russia, with its contemporary architecture of course.  But I am unbelievably excited about seeing the architecture and detailing of Old Russia too.  Especially the Kremlin!

Oh, and yes! There is high luxury fashion to found as well.  As seen from the quick images below from socialite, designer Ulyana Sergeenko.

Please share any locations, restaurants and shops you think I should visit while there.  I will share more about those trips soon.  In the meantime, I will be the one looking up with the camera and sketching profusely!