Thursday, March 5, 2015

Russia calling ... my new design Inspiration

So I recently took on a new design project in Russia.  Just outside Moscow to be exact.  It's incredibly exciting and I've been knee deep in designing since I met the clients. Who are Phenenomenal!  I have to say with this new endeavor, I have become obsessed with and immersed in Russian culture and design.  Good thing since I will be traveling there quite often.

Without a doubt, I am looking forward to seeing new Russia, with its contemporary architecture of course.  But I am unbelievably excited about seeing the architecture and detailing of Old Russia too.  Especially the Kremlin!

Oh, and yes! There is high luxury fashion to found as well.  As seen from the quick images below from socialite, designer Ulyana Sergeenko.

Please share any locations, restaurants and shops you think I should visit while there.  I will share more about those trips soon.  In the meantime, I will be the one looking up with the camera and sketching profusely!

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