Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ExhaleSpa... Get your booty in fighting shape!

I will bet it’s crossed your mind, to start hitting the gym a little harder with weather warming up. Perhaps you considered falling into your usual routine of the treadmill, cycling, salsa class, hiking or walking. All good! If you really want to kick things up to ‘notches unknown’ and get results faster than Tiger can nail a date (well before the golf club battle), I highly recommend ExhaleSpa.

Halt! Before the fear sets in, there are several levels of training (Basic, Open, Advanced). I recommend starting at Basic at least for the first class to become familiar with the movements. The ballet barre will take your legs places, they’ve never been before. The bonus, with regular attendance, your leg will be as firm as a dancer.

Elisabeth Halfpapp is a co-founder the company’s highly-publicized Core Fusion® program of classes. She directs the Company’s mind body programs (encompassing classes, workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats), leads retreats and workshops, assists in Core Fusion® teacher trainings nation-wide, and teaches Core Fusion®, Core Fusion® Cardio, Core Fusion® Sport, Core Fusion® Yoga, Music Yoga Flow, and yoga classes.

Her Partner and co-founder of the company's highly-publicized Core Fusion® program, Fred DeVito is responsible for recruiting and training the teachers for the proprietary Core Fusion® related programs. Fred is a highly visible nationally acclaimed star teacher and presenter. He also serves on the board of exhale soul, exhales not for profit charity organization.

All that being said they, and their skilled instructors will whip your body into shape in the safest, most challenging way. I find, result begin to appear after two weeks or (6 classes), to start. Abdomen walls, arms, legs are significantly tighter. The 'almighty booty' is noticeably higher as well. And if you think no one is looking, well they are!

Individual classes are $ 25 - $30 depending upon the package you select. I’ve signed up for the $170.00 monthly package for unlimited Core Fusion, Core Yoga and Yoga Flow classes. I recommend trying each of them, at least once and rotate the classes. The music accompanying the movements helps take some of the attention away from the pain you’re feeling. But when you put that favorite new dress on, that fits so well it will all be worth it.

ExhaleSpa can be found in the following locations - California (Venice and Santa Monica), Florida, Chicago, Boston, New York (Soho, Madison Avenue, Central Park South, Gansevoort Hotel, and Bridgehampton) domestically. Should you be one of the fortunate ones to attend a class in Turks and Caicos be prepared for a might treat!

Surfs up and your booty will be too!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just Because.... Sonny of BOSS Models

I know Easter, Christmas, Valentines Day, and whatever else may be long over. But what a lovely opportunity to honor one of the worlds most glorious wonders... Sonny BOSS models.

Afterall, I am a girl!

BREAKING NEWS... Model shoots Actress!!!!!

Julia Roberts

Before I say another word... Julia Roberts is safe and sound either with her family or on set someplace wonderful.

But... Another actress just got jacked, for taking another models gig! Don't hate them because they're beautiful, rich or PAID! I would just like to see a model make more cheddar. I remember the old days when models, were MODELS, ACTRESSES were in film.

You can see the hungry faces of young models, using the streets as runways. Clutching portfolios as tightly as dollar bills squirreled
from restaurant tips to make ends meet. Agency names branded on the covers of their books, advertising their house name (Ford, Elite, IMG, Code, New York, Next) etc. Agencies, they've fought tooth and nail , and traveled miles to become a member of. Always fearful of being cut. Soundtrack: "You are STILL in the running to be Americas' next top model".

They've fought hard, suffering through constant rejection of "you aren't tall enough", "come back when you lose twenty pounds", "fix your overbite", "you're too short, your nose is crooked, your hair is red". Notice I never said "you're too thin". Well that's another post.

Models work hard to get a break, which leads to the subject of this post. I am all for celebrity actors, they are some of my best friends! However, I am very much in support of models getting more work. They need it! They deserve it. I would love to see some unknowns beautiful faces representing Dior, Chanel, Vuitton, Oil of Olay etc.

All the actress shown are already raking in millions for their films. Let's give some of these girls from Wichita a chance! And the boys too!

Before someone really gets shot!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Drew Barrymore

Jessica Alba

Ellen DeGeneras

Halle Berry

Eva Longoria Parker

Jessica Biel

Scarlett Johanssen

Amanda Seyfreid


Cate Blanchett

Eva Mendes

Julianne Moore

Chloe Sevigny


Ocean Drive lined in palms, restaurants, shops, art deco hotels and bars. I really enjoy Miami, South Beach in particular for the climate, night life and laid-back atmosphere. It's almost like California, less the mountains which I adore. I banish the thought of ever going in August, as the humidity is killer. Miami has amazing Cuban food and seafood which I love, and the people watching is first class.

Just adored the structure encased in vines.

A simply designed planter grate. I loved the symmetry.

The landmark Art Deco entry of the Loews Hotel

This looked like frosting, love, love the Spanish influence of the architecture.

Art Deco architecture and signage, the hallmark of South Beach

The Tides Hotel front entrance, leading from the outdoor bar overlooking Ocean Avenue. The perfect opportunity for people gazing.

Beautiful wrought iron gated windows at the rear of former Gianni Versace villa Casa Casuarina, now a 35 room club.

Beautiful ornamental wrought iron entrance door of an octopus on Lincoln Boulevard.
Sort of an 'enter as you dare' message.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lena Horne, Passing of a Legend

Legendary singer, dancer, actress and civil rights activist Lena Horne, 92, died at New York-Presbyterian Hospital on Sunday night, a hospital spokeswoman said. No other details of her death were made public.

Horne was the first African-Americans to sign a long-term movie contract with a major Hollywood studio when she joined MGM in 1942.

Horne's expressive and silky voice made her a singing star, known best for her hit "Stormy Weather," after Hollywood failed to give her roles that might have made her a big screen starlet.

Horne complained she was used as "window dressing" in white films, mostly limited to singing performances that could be easily edited out for play in southern theaters.The light-complexioned Horne refused to go along with studio plans to promote her as a Latin American.

She later said she did not want to be "an imitation of a white woman."

Horne, whose parents divorced when she was 3, lived a nomadic childhood traveling with her actress mother. She spent much of her time growing up in Brooklyn, New York, where she was born in 1917.

Horne was 16 when she began her show business career as a dancer at Harlem's Cotton Club. She later became a singer there, playing to packed houses of white patrons, with band leaders Cab Calloway and Duke Ellington.

She began taking singing lessons in 1935, and eventually landed a part in the all-black Broadway production "Dance With Your Gods."

Her work as a feature singer with touring bands and in nightclubs increased. She became the first African-American singer to tour with a white group in 1940, according to her official biography.

Her first film role came in 1938 in "The Duke is Tops," but her next movie didn't come along for another four years.She was given a screen test by MGM and signed to a seven-year movie contract after a studio scout saw her performing in a New York club.

Her stepfather, Miguel Rodriguez, negotiated with MGM head Louis B. Mayer for her to never be cast as a maid or "Tarzan extra."

"I think the black boy that cleaned the shoes and me were the only two black people except the maids who were there working for the stars," Horne said in a CNN interview. "And it was very lonely and I wasn't very happy."

Still, Horne said she was grateful that her World War II era films -- including black musicals "Cabin in the Sky" and "Stormy Weather" -- were seen by black and white soldiers.

"But after I realized I would only go so far, I went on the stage," Horne said.

With only subservient roles available for a black actress in Hollywood in the 1940s, Horne turned to recording top-selling songs.

Horne said performing for live audiences was what she loved most."I'm always happy when I'm surrounded by people to react and feel and touch," she said.

While traveling with a USO tour during the World War II, she walked out on a show because German war prisoners were seated in front seats, ahead of African-American troops. After the USO withdrew her from the tour, she used her own money to travel to sing for the troops.

She has a son and daughter from a first marriage that ended in 1944.

Horne married again in 1947 to Lennie Hayton, who was then MGM's music director. She kept the marriage secret for several years, since Hayton was white. When it was made public, the couple received hate mail and threats of violence, according to her biography.

Radio, television, film and nightclub jobs were harder for Horne to find in the McCarthy era of the 1950s when she was blacklisted. That ended in 1956 when RCA gave Horne a new recording contract and she earned a guest spot in the movie "Meet Me in Las Vegas."

Horne returned to Broadway in 1957 for her first starring role there. "Jamaica" ran for 555 shows.

She became active in the civil rights movement after she was involved in a public altercation following a racial slur in a Beverly Hills, California, restaurant in 1960.

She was an active supporter of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s civil rights movement. Horne was there when King delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech on the Lincoln Memorial steps in 1963.

Variety television shows welcomed Horne as a musical performer, especially in the 1960s. She appeared on numerous episodes with Perry Como, Dean Martin and Flip Wilson.

She returned to film for a final role in 1978 as Glinda the Good Witch, opposite Michael Jackson and Diana Ross, in "The Wiz," an adaptation of "The Wizard of Oz."

She got a special Tony Award for her 1981 one-woman Broadway hit "Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music." She also won two Grammys for the recording of the show.

Horne was honored with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1989, and she also won a Grammy in 1995 for best jazz vocal performance for her album "An Evening With Lena Horne."

In her later years, Horne said she found peace.

"The best time in my life I guess is now because I'm quiet and I'm logical and I accept without flying off the handle -- sometimes I do," Horne said with a laugh.

Courtesy CNN

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PETA's gonna be really, really pissed but these are great!

Virginia Thorsen, fashion photographer. Ever hear of her? Me either.

Her work was introduced to me just last week while talking with one of the art consultants, who I often use on my projects June Bateman. I tried to find some info on Miss Thorsen and came up short. June will love to share more info with you. Visit her site or stop by her gallery to see them up close and personal. She'll be glad you did! Oh! these images are for sale!

Like I said, PETA is going to be royally pissed if they discover these images. But the styling is gorgeous and brings to mind the work of 'Horst' Paul Albert Bohrmann, Richard 'Avedon', Francesco Scavullo (who I often saw riding the NY subway system) and countless newbies inspired by the style.

I have a few of these wraps, or 'stoles' which I often wear for fun with jeans to the market, or for holiday drinks.

Maybe I'll toss one over my shoulder tonight. Why? Because life is short and I am celebrating being above ground!

June Bateman Fine Art
1133 Broadway, Suite 519
New York, N.Y. 10010
By Appointment Only