Saturday, May 15, 2010


Ocean Drive lined in palms, restaurants, shops, art deco hotels and bars. I really enjoy Miami, South Beach in particular for the climate, night life and laid-back atmosphere. It's almost like California, less the mountains which I adore. I banish the thought of ever going in August, as the humidity is killer. Miami has amazing Cuban food and seafood which I love, and the people watching is first class.

Just adored the structure encased in vines.

A simply designed planter grate. I loved the symmetry.

The landmark Art Deco entry of the Loews Hotel

This looked like frosting, love, love the Spanish influence of the architecture.

Art Deco architecture and signage, the hallmark of South Beach

The Tides Hotel front entrance, leading from the outdoor bar overlooking Ocean Avenue. The perfect opportunity for people gazing.

Beautiful wrought iron gated windows at the rear of former Gianni Versace villa Casa Casuarina, now a 35 room club.

Beautiful ornamental wrought iron entrance door of an octopus on Lincoln Boulevard.
Sort of an 'enter as you dare' message.

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