Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ExhaleSpa... Get your booty in fighting shape!

I will bet it’s crossed your mind, to start hitting the gym a little harder with weather warming up. Perhaps you considered falling into your usual routine of the treadmill, cycling, salsa class, hiking or walking. All good! If you really want to kick things up to ‘notches unknown’ and get results faster than Tiger can nail a date (well before the golf club battle), I highly recommend ExhaleSpa.

Halt! Before the fear sets in, there are several levels of training (Basic, Open, Advanced). I recommend starting at Basic at least for the first class to become familiar with the movements. The ballet barre will take your legs places, they’ve never been before. The bonus, with regular attendance, your leg will be as firm as a dancer.

Elisabeth Halfpapp is a co-founder the company’s highly-publicized Core Fusion® program of classes. She directs the Company’s mind body programs (encompassing classes, workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats), leads retreats and workshops, assists in Core Fusion® teacher trainings nation-wide, and teaches Core Fusion®, Core Fusion® Cardio, Core Fusion® Sport, Core Fusion® Yoga, Music Yoga Flow, and yoga classes.

Her Partner and co-founder of the company's highly-publicized Core Fusion® program, Fred DeVito is responsible for recruiting and training the teachers for the proprietary Core Fusion® related programs. Fred is a highly visible nationally acclaimed star teacher and presenter. He also serves on the board of exhale soul, exhales not for profit charity organization.

All that being said they, and their skilled instructors will whip your body into shape in the safest, most challenging way. I find, result begin to appear after two weeks or (6 classes), to start. Abdomen walls, arms, legs are significantly tighter. The 'almighty booty' is noticeably higher as well. And if you think no one is looking, well they are!

Individual classes are $ 25 - $30 depending upon the package you select. I’ve signed up for the $170.00 monthly package for unlimited Core Fusion, Core Yoga and Yoga Flow classes. I recommend trying each of them, at least once and rotate the classes. The music accompanying the movements helps take some of the attention away from the pain you’re feeling. But when you put that favorite new dress on, that fits so well it will all be worth it.

ExhaleSpa can be found in the following locations - California (Venice and Santa Monica), Florida, Chicago, Boston, New York (Soho, Madison Avenue, Central Park South, Gansevoort Hotel, and Bridgehampton) domestically. Should you be one of the fortunate ones to attend a class in Turks and Caicos be prepared for a might treat!

Surfs up and your booty will be too!

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