Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PETA's gonna be really, really pissed but these are great!

Virginia Thorsen, fashion photographer. Ever hear of her? Me either.

Her work was introduced to me just last week while talking with one of the art consultants, who I often use on my projects June Bateman. I tried to find some info on Miss Thorsen and came up short. June will love to share more info with you. Visit her site or stop by her gallery to see them up close and personal. She'll be glad you did! Oh! these images are for sale!

Like I said, PETA is going to be royally pissed if they discover these images. But the styling is gorgeous and brings to mind the work of 'Horst' Paul Albert Bohrmann, Richard 'Avedon', Francesco Scavullo (who I often saw riding the NY subway system) and countless newbies inspired by the style.

I have a few of these wraps, or 'stoles' which I often wear for fun with jeans to the market, or for holiday drinks.

Maybe I'll toss one over my shoulder tonight. Why? Because life is short and I am celebrating being above ground!
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