Saturday, January 29, 2011

Giorgio Armani's MAIN Squeeze... She's a looker!

Okay, now that I have your attention!!! 

Well! David would wear one of those, on this...  MAIN.

Why is Mr. Armani smiling?  Because he can and because he owns it!



65 Meters of absolute lovely.  Isn't she beautiful?  With multiple residences worldwide, including the incredible isle of Antiqua, I cannot image Mr. Armani having much time to spend here.  But, quality time being what it is, surely every moment is devoured with happiness, bathed in light until it  almost magically sets against the sea.

All furniture and accessories are designed by Mr. Armani and are available at Amani/Casa.  The home furnishings division of Giorgio Armani.

I would just enjoy hanging around watching the lovely 'yacht boys' keeping things tidy and serving lunch.  All while donning custom Giorgio Armani uniforms.  How about you?  What would you want to do on this vessel?

Do tell, don't keep it to yourself... would David Beckham be your Main squeeze?

Images Courtesy of Giorgio Armani and Yachtonline

Friday, January 28, 2011

Elle Decor - February 2011

Elle Decor's February 2011 issue is on the stands and in the mailbox.  Michael Boodro continues to bring it!   I thought some strange rivalry might rear it's head between he and Margaret Russell, new Editor-in-Chief at Architectural Digest.   But, being consumate professionals that will never happen.

AD is vastly improved with Margaret at the helm.  I actually enjoy reading it now.  Strangely, I haven't been able to say that for years!  Just like alot of you, I'm sure.

Looking forward to peeling the pages of Elle Decor.  One of my design crushes Steven Gambrel has a project published.  Daniel Boulud cooks up something smashing.  And of course Bunny Williams checks in with her latest installment of refinery.

Let me know what caught your fancy best.  Tea time!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"I want to be alone"... Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo was a famously elusive actress in the 1930's and 40's.  In addition to her unbridled acting talent, she became famous for her simply uttered quote "I want to be alone".  No doubt delivered with the a deep earthiness in her voice,  she was often identified for, followed by swift door slamming and a full onslaught of obscenities.  Ms. Garbo turned her back on the Hollywood party scene, rejecting the Hollywood limelight.  A position the young Lindsay Lohan, should consider.

Garbo had a vast collection of studio stills provided by MGM Studios.  Works by Clarence Sinclair Bull, Nikolas Muray, George Hurrell, Edward Steichen and Ruth Harriet Louise.  These works are published amongst some of her favorites in 'GARBO, Portraits from her Private Collection' written by Scott Reisfield and Robert Dance.

Clarence Sinclair Bull photographed Garbo for the first time during the filming of 'Camille'.  The costumes were designed by (Gilbert) Adrian and swiftly influenced French fashion.   The year,  1937  the film about a Parisian ingenue who must decide between the love of a wealthy baron and the young man who loves her.   Many costumes were elaborate hats and gowns, requiring many  assistants to set the shots up.  As a result, Bull decided close ups worked best and mostly photographed her seated with elaborate hats or her hands framing her face.  Color photography was expensive to produce and was rarely seen in magazines. 

Garbo, the woman and the myth.

Published by Rizzoli

Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2011 Collection - Let it shine!

It's rumored, 10 million beads went into producing Karl Lagerfelds Spring 2011 Couture presentation.  Let it shine!  That sounds like a whole lot of tired, bandage wrapped fingers for a whole lot of talented ladies in white aprons.  But certainly it was well worth it!

In addition, the show took place in a replica of Coco's Rue Cambon salon.  How fabulous is that?  The very presence of Coco Chanel must certainly have been felt in the room. It seems like skirts worn with pants, is becoming the thing for Spring!

Take a peep and see for yourself!

Images courtesy of Chanel

Tuesday, January 25, 2011



 A collection bathed in light, reflections and splendor. Giorgio Armani, enraptured by the gleam and glitter of precious gemstones, transforms their radiance into shapes. Like finely faceted jewellery – carrĂ© cut, marquise cut, diamond cut and emerald cut – the virtuoso texturing of these exquisite clothes is perfectly set off by a subtle shade of magnolia merging into fuchsia and ruby red, lit up by tones of petrol blue and acid green. Silk fabrics with almost wet look stripes capture every shimmer of light. 

Shapes are iconic and utterly modern, sketching a petite silhouette with tiny shoulders.
Crater skirts curve around the hips, pencil skirts explode in a wealth of gatherings at the front and the back. Evening dresses are super slim, close fitting and tapered in Fontana-style cuts and colours. 

There are new volumes and a new lustre for the accessories: featherweight leggings to be worn instead of tights; court shoes with facet-cut crystal heels that reference the colours of the collection. 

Hats, exclusively designed by Philip Treacy for Giorgio Armani, rest on the forehead like elegant spirals and elliptical halos emitting their own fields of light. Masks in red, blue or diamond-colour crystals conceal the faces of the models, imparting an ethereal, spiritual and mysterious quality to the occasion. 

Courtesy Giorgio Armani

Monday, January 17, 2011

Parisian Interiors...

There is a new design book I have my heart set on .... Parisian Interiors... 

Barbara and Rene Stoeltie, writer and photographer have collaborated on over 40 design books.  Previous works have been published on the pages of Vogue, Elle, House Beautiful, and World of Interiors.

Their newest member of the collection, Parisian Interiors opens doors to over twenty of the finest residences of Paris, belonging to some of the biggest design officinados Paris has to offer.  The images promise to depict rich decorative arts and antiques.

The book is available at on February 22, 2011

GIORGIO ARMANI... Let's hear it for the Boys Autumn/Winter 2011/2012

Goodbye to nylon and quilting, this is the year for wool in a range of treatments (for instance boiled wool, in a precious combination with alpaca), nubuck style sheepskin and leather for a reassuring sense of solidity, maintained through a range of jackets in streaked wool with needle punch effects that seem scratched into the pile. This treatment recurs throughout the accessories, shoulder bags, bags and shoes, which as ever reference and emphasize the key themes of the collection.

Among the most innovative designs of this season, trousers that unite the casual and sporty – knit edging at the hem, which can be concealed by the full length of the leg – with the elegant aplomb of the tailored darts at the waist, absolutely typical of the Armani style.

Images Courtesy Giorgio Armani

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Giorgio Armani Fall 2011... Haute Attack...

May I have one of each please Mr. Armani...

Images Courtesy

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Asia Major!

The atrium of Hong Kong's Upper House, with art by Hirotoshi Sawada
Departures Magazine January/February 2011issue is making my passport purr.  Looks like I will be booking a trip to Asia sometime this Spring.  No coincidence, one of my dear friends is moving to Korea next week.  The biggest decision would be - where to lay my head, when not hanging out with her?

There are some extraordinary boutique and series group new hotels in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Shanghai.  Amongst them, Grand Hyatt Shanghai, designed by Toni Chi who is the epitome of architectural hauteness domestically and internationally.   

 Moshe Safdie"s Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore

Breeze, the Asian Restaurant at The Tower Club at Lebua

The Tower Club at Lebua, which sits on the 51st. to 59th. floors of Bangkok's tallest building.  Where there's a skybar on the 63rd. floor.  So beware of that second round of mojito's!

There's so much to see and do.  Modern Asia looks like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York or Palm Beach these days.  

 The Double Helix Bridge leading to Marina Bay Sands, Fullerton Bay Hotel, Constelaltion Room and lobby of hotel Klapsons

Norman Foster designed wing of the Capella, in Singapore

Sky Bridge, W Hotel Hong Kong and stone exterior of Upper House - Hong Kong

Hong Kong is laden with hotels designed by international architects such as Norman Foster, I.M. Pei and Cesar Pelli.

See you at the airport! Hmmmmmmm. where should I go first?

Monday, January 10, 2011

January/February 2011 Lonny Mag just went live people!

Come and get it!  Lonny Magazine just went live with their January/February 2011 issue.  I haven't even rifled the pages yet.  You just know good stuff is waiting.  Simply because they always deliver and never disappoint.

Very interested to see the home of Lucky Magazines Marilieu Renmeester and the Bunny Williams profile too! 

Happy reading an meet you between the pages!

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Sartorialist: The Visual Life by Tyler Manson

Just a few weeks ago, I did a post 'Scott Schuman - The Sartorialist behind the Camera'.  Well today, I stumbled upon an inspiring video of him via YouTube, on his site 'The Sartorialist' I wish to share.

It shows his methodology in how he approaches his subjects, his mission and how he became 'The Sartorialist'.  Hopefully we get to see his lady, Garance Dores' video next!

I love you Scott!

MALASADAS.. Portugese gold!

I know I am late to the party on the Malasada train but please bear with me.  On my recent Hawaiian vacation, I was urged by a local taxi driver to visit Leonard's Bakery near Waikiki on Oahu.

At first I hedged.  THIS was the vacation, I was determined to lose weight on.  I vowed, I would approach this trip as a 'visit to a spa'.  The 'thought' was to consume a limited amount of points (for Weight Watcher aficionados) and calories.  I was going to walk, swim or run everyday.  Nothing was going to stop me.

 Walk, swim and run I did do... to LEONARD'S BAKERY! As much as I hate to admit it, there were a couple of days we 'supported the cause' twice in one day.  I know, I shriek of embarrassment.  But, for now at least it was well worth it.

Malasadas, are these incredible Portugese fried dough balls, bathed in cinnamon and sugar that literally melt in your mouth.  They were brought to Hawaii in 1952 by Mr. Leonard  Fiego and his wife Margaret.  They are more than a 'doughnut', they are  egg based, buttery , fried dough ball heaven.  They also offer passion fruit, coconut and custard fillings.  

Tip: Eat them on site or within a couple of hours to maximize their goodness.  Several attempts to eat them for a midnight snack, nearly resulted in a fractured jawbone.  Simply, they are best consumed fresh.  There's already a line formed at 5:30 a.m. when they open.   

Leonard's Hawaii™ 933 Kapahulu Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816
T: 808-737-5591
F: 808-737-5537

Here's a receipe, should you wish to whip up a batch or two this weekend.  But don't blame me for the calories!

·         1 Tbsp Rapid Rise yeast ( I use Fleischman’s Rapid Rise yeast)
·         1 tsp Sugar
·         ¼ cup Warm water
·         3 cup Flour
·         ¼ cup Sugar
·         ¼ cup Melted butter
·         3 Eggs
·         ½  cup Evaporated milk
·         ½  cup Water
·         Vegetable oil for frying
·         1/8 tsp nutmeg
·         Mix Fleischman rapid rise yeast with melted butter, condensed milk and water (120 to 130 degrees), 3 beaten eggs at room temperature, half of the flour. 
·         Mix well
·         Let it sit for 10 minutes            
·         Add the rest of the flour, mix well
·         Let rise for an hour in a warm draft free area. Or until double in size.
·         Heat vegetable oil to 375 degrees
·         Make 2 to 3 inch balls of Malasada dough
·         Cook in vegetable oil for about 6 minutes or until golden brown and cook through
·         Set on paper towel to cool just a little
·         roll in  sugar or shake in a bag with ½ cup of sugar
·         Ready to eat
When using Fleischman’s RAPID RISE yeast, water and condensed milk should be between 120 to 130 degrees to activate the yeast.  140 degrees is too hot and will kill the yeast.  Fleischman’s RAPID RISE yeast does not have to go through the second rise process that other yeasts have to go through, such as Fleischman’s ACTIVE  DRY yeast.  
Heat oil to 373 degrees. 
·         If oil is too hot; the Malasada dough will pop right back up to the surface and the outside will brown too quickly while the inside will be undercooked
·         If the oil isn’t hot enough;  the malasadas dough will sit at the bottom of the oil
·         If the temperature is right; The malasada dough should sit on the bottom of the oil for a few seconds and then rise to the surface.  It should take about 3 minutes to cook on each side. Total of 6 minutes until a nice golden brown.   
Test;   Make a 2 to 3 inch ball and drop carefully into the oil.  Cook for 6 minutes, take it out and cut in half to see if it is cooked completely through and the outside is a nice golden brown.   
Making the malasadas ball the same size;
·         Oil hands if making balls with hands
·         Or use oiled spoons
·         Equal size malasadas,  equal cooking time