Friday, January 28, 2011

Elle Decor - February 2011

Elle Decor's February 2011 issue is on the stands and in the mailbox.  Michael Boodro continues to bring it!   I thought some strange rivalry might rear it's head between he and Margaret Russell, new Editor-in-Chief at Architectural Digest.   But, being consumate professionals that will never happen.

AD is vastly improved with Margaret at the helm.  I actually enjoy reading it now.  Strangely, I haven't been able to say that for years!  Just like alot of you, I'm sure.

Looking forward to peeling the pages of Elle Decor.  One of my design crushes Steven Gambrel has a project published.  Daniel Boulud cooks up something smashing.  And of course Bunny Williams checks in with her latest installment of refinery.

Let me know what caught your fancy best.  Tea time!


Oskar Torres Interior Designer said...

I love James Huniford Furniture collection in this issue so FRESH!

Hautezone said...

Oh Oscar,

So right you are!!! I adore James Huniford as well. He certainly continues to make an amazing contribution to the world of 'fabulous furniture' and then some!

Thank you so much for the comment!