Thursday, January 27, 2011

"I want to be alone"... Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo was a famously elusive actress in the 1930's and 40's.  In addition to her unbridled acting talent, she became famous for her simply uttered quote "I want to be alone".  No doubt delivered with the a deep earthiness in her voice,  she was often identified for, followed by swift door slamming and a full onslaught of obscenities.  Ms. Garbo turned her back on the Hollywood party scene, rejecting the Hollywood limelight.  A position the young Lindsay Lohan, should consider.

Garbo had a vast collection of studio stills provided by MGM Studios.  Works by Clarence Sinclair Bull, Nikolas Muray, George Hurrell, Edward Steichen and Ruth Harriet Louise.  These works are published amongst some of her favorites in 'GARBO, Portraits from her Private Collection' written by Scott Reisfield and Robert Dance.

Clarence Sinclair Bull photographed Garbo for the first time during the filming of 'Camille'.  The costumes were designed by (Gilbert) Adrian and swiftly influenced French fashion.   The year,  1937  the film about a Parisian ingenue who must decide between the love of a wealthy baron and the young man who loves her.   Many costumes were elaborate hats and gowns, requiring many  assistants to set the shots up.  As a result, Bull decided close ups worked best and mostly photographed her seated with elaborate hats or her hands framing her face.  Color photography was expensive to produce and was rarely seen in magazines. 

Garbo, the woman and the myth.

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