Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Getting hammered...

Robert lee Morris Feather cuff

I adore silver jewelry in during the summer months. Every time it catches the light, I am reminded of the shimmer of sunlight hitting water. It conjures every image of a day foraging for seashells, grilling seaside, boating and everything translating into fun and relaxation.

These images are from Departures magazine, and hit every mark for chic, elegant, tasteful works by master silversmiths.

Krizia Spheres cuff, Gaffney Barnett bracelet, John Hardy Ten Coil bracelet, Hermes Tourbillion cuff, George Jensen Mobius bangle.

Jill Platner 'Smiles' necklace

Pat Arias ring, Stephen Webster Superstud strip ring, Patricia Von Musulin Bubble ring, David Yurman Cable ring, Pat Arias ring

Michelle Oka Doner for Christophle Palmaceae necklace

Vintage Jean Despres silver bracelet

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