Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Madame will see you now... Adorn yourself in Madame M Squared Jewelry

Adornment, more than just wrapping yourself in any old thing.  Adornment, enhancing movement, carrying the eye to highlight details often passed missed.  Adornment, is what Melanie McPherson jewelry designer and artist of MadameMSquared jewelry does best.  
Influenced by a multitude of cultures around her, along with philosophy and fashion, this New York Brooklyn based designer uses jewelry as her vehicle for storytelling.  With a clear love of metal and organic shapes, her pieces are kinetic sculptures in their own right.  Each piece telling their own story, organically through form and shape with a movement of hand, swing of hips or simple gaze.  All you really need is a simple dress and let the jewelry do the talking!
Plus, she's just so cool I'd like to hang out with her, in the design studio as she expands her craft.  Wouldn't you?  Plus, that earcuff has my name ALL over it!


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