Sunday, May 10, 2015

45th Annual Atlanta Symphony Associates' Decorators Showhouse and Gardens

This past week I I went South! To Atlanta that is.  The trip was part of the festivties celebrating #AATOP20, that is The Top 20 African American Interiors Designers, which I am pleased to say I have been listed on the past several years.

It's an organization formed by Pinkeggshell's Kimberly Ward. The trip involved a trip to the Atlanta Symphony Designer Showcase.

I've been to many, many, many show houses over the years and they are great fun.   I thoroughly enjoyed this one as well.  It's always a great experience as a designer to let your imagination and pocketbook run wild, when you can create from a 'set designers' perspective of illusion as 'real people' don't live there.  But when, great rooms are created they are approachable and livable too.

My approach is to run through them quickly and photograph them while empty.  Then I take two passes looking at details.  Original architectural details always stop me in my tracks!  I am divinely captivated by craftsmanship.  On occasion I succumb to 'newness' but nothing tops skill and craftsmanship.  Yes, I will ALWAYS be that girl!

And oh yes, the house is on the market for sale!  Unfortunately, the last day is May 10th. So I'm thrilled I was able to check it out.  Well, there's always next year!

Breakfast room and Den by Vern Yip of Vern Yip Designs

Vern Yip Designs

Vern Yip Designs

 Golden Bordeaux Boudoir by Bryan Alan Kirkland and Alesia King of Kirkland and King Designs

 Golden Bordeaux Boudoir by Bryan Alan Kirkland and Alesia King of Kirkland and King Designs

First Floor Guest Room by Melanie Turner Interiors

 Living Room by Smith Boyd Interiors

 Upstairs Retreat by Stephen Pararo

Kitchen by Robin LaMonte and Rooms Revamped

 Nursery by Knotting Hill Interiors

Dining Room by Randy Koran with Foxwoods Gardens

Dining Room by Randy Koran with Foxwoods Gardens

 Dining Room by Randy Koran with Foxwoods Gardens

Master Suite by Robert Brown Interiors

 Master Suite by Robert Brown Interiors

Guest Bedroom by Melanie Turner

Guest Bedroom by Melanie Turner
 Gentlemen's Study by Parker Kennedy


All Photos are by me... Joy Moyler


Robin LaMonte said...

Thank you Joy for including my kitchen in your blog!

It was so nice to meet you!
Until we meet again!


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