Friday, September 13, 2013

Oscar Close Up! with @OscarPRGirl and Elle Decor

Oscar de la Renta has one of the most capable and social ready PR gals in the public relations bizzness!

I've long been a 'pressed against the glass' devotee of Mr. de La Renta for years. Fully digesting his exquisite tailoring and craftsmanship season, after season.  I blame my mother for this fixation, as she often donned his supreme wares an evening out.

Erika Bearman a.k.a. OscarPrGirl has introduced the stabled fashion house to countless new 'fashionistas' with her social savvy and exuberant daily 'selfies', depicting model like stares while wearing the brands latest creations (sometimes even dipping into the vintage crate).

Elle Decors' October 2013 Issue finds Lady Bearman at her Southampton, New York residence which she shares with her hubby, who too clearly loves a colorful world.  Miles Redd, decorated the handsome happy space.

While I don't often surround myself with so much color - I can safely say I LOVE this house.  I mean, upon entering that delightful cabana like seafoam entry - all cares must disappear into the clouds.

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All photos courtesy of Elle Decor magazine.

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