Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Marchesa in the Studio.

I will forever and a day be about craftsmanship.  It's something I feel to my core.  A lingering sense of respect and admiration for those who envision a dream and make it so - stitch by stitch.  Details, profound.  

The power of creation, the elements that come together to make something truly special - and divine.  It may come from seeing my grandmother make exquisitely tailored clothing by hand.  Influenced by Dior and Balenciaga.  From my grandfather taking me to Barneys' as a child.  My killing time time thumbing the textiles and smelling the handcrafted leather mens shoes that laid in the fitting rooms.  Very early on, I discovered a real respect for fine cashmere, Irish linen (the best of it always wrinkles) inherent in the fibers.  Long part of its allure.

So when I see the utterly magical creations, soon to be legends - craftsmanship of the likes of Georgina Chapman and her partner Karen Craig of Marchesa, simply my heart flutters. The images here are from Vogue.com - but the sentiment of all they create are mine.  Long lasting and pure.

 The inspiration boards are swoon-worthy...

 Details are pure magic... Just imagine how long it took to create a square inch of this embroidery...

 Influences to be proud of...

All images courtesy of vogue.com

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