Monday, August 20, 2012

Fashion's Night Out - #FNO

Fashions Night Out is baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

September 6, 2012
Bigger, Bolder with more countries representing than ev-A!
Put it on your To Do list, your "I gotta have it list", your "Momma can I pleeeeeease go list", your "I'll eat peas list"... 

Do some shopping, meet old friends and make new ones.  Hear music by new DJ's, chat with celeb divas mixing drinks, and get stuck in the revolving doors at Bergdorf's.  Just follow the champagne bottles and find your way back home!

Vogue and CFDA enlisted Norman Jean Roy to shoot the campaign and look at the familiar faces who came in to lend their support... we knew we loved them for a reason...

Visit the website to plan your evening, find supporting retailers and get to shopping!  
Short sleeve T-shirts are just $25.00 USD, so support the cause and buy one or two.  They are also available in Blue this year, as part of the Official FNO Collection 2012.  So get out find a retailer near you, buy some T-shirts and support an incredible event.

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