Friday, May 6, 2011

Ralph Lauren brings another gem to Soho

On one of the top ten beautiful days in New York, our fashion Royal Highness, Mr. Ralph Lauren has only moments ago opened another of his majestic gems here in Soho this morning.  I always have such a great time with his store openings.  Even after eight years with the company, I still herald in the glory of another opening.  It's always such fun to see the staff and employees who've worked so arduously on the store, decked out in the latest seasons garments.

I didn't have much time, so I just breezed through the first floor.  It houses all the lines and the shoe salon looked fresh, colorful and divine.  I will take more time next time, and provide more shots I promise!!!

I predict it will be another winner!

No wonder my Ralph stock is doing so well!  He keeps bringing it.  I love you Ralph!

Ralph Lauren
109 Spring Street
New York, New York

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