Saturday, February 5, 2011

Diddy Style... The Callabo. The remix featuring BNO!

BNO Design is the incredibly masterful talented interior designer firm, made famous for designing Monsieur Lenny Kravitz's loft in New York's art and culture hub - Soho.  I can call him 'Monsieur 'because he also resides in Paris right?  (Sidebar: Lenny's loft was recently purchased by elegant, definition of gorgeous, new-mama Ms.Alicia Keys and hubby Swiss Beatz for a 'rumored' 14 million 'Grammy's). That's what I call 'A Womans Worth'!

Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz is the design principal at BNO. He was lead designer for interior design 'guru' John Saladino, along with Jose Solis Bentancourt, another friend a few years before I got there.  Each of these fascinating gentlemen left their mark.    'Benji', heads an amazing 'think outside the box' design team.  Their approaches are always 'on the pulse of the city'.  Their work reflects a deep richness, a bespoke mentality towards the unusual and yet it always works. 

And so, who else would someone sharing the very 'bespoke mentality toward the unusual' call upon to design their home environ besides - the 'Puffster'?  Okay, let me clean that up --- Mr. Sean Combs. After what I understand was a  five years, no doubt due to Diddy's travel schedule, and time discovering new artist -- he brings us the newly completed 'Diddy Castle in the sky'.  Referencing, the high floor above Central Park.

Mr. Coombs despite the title of your latest CD - 'Dirty money from Paris ', - this ihas all the earmarks of clean living, 'Nice and Smooth'.  Can I come visit, because I would  really, really like to see this one up close?

 All photography courtesy of
BNO Design
75 Spring Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10012

P: 212.343.9709
F: 212.343.9263

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