Monday, February 21, 2011

Vogue I'talia paid an homage to African American beauties....

  I was making an attempt to organize magazines, closets and a world of stuff today.  No doubt an attempt or first-pass at 'Spring cleaning', as it was so beautiful, and close to  a whopping 68 degrees on Friday.  Accompanied wouldn't you have it by snow today!  Well it is February, the very month when anything at all can happen... and it did! Mother nature has the best sense of humor.  But that is another topic.

While combing the shelves looking for something, I was unable to find, I came across Vogue I'talia.  Published July 2008 as the 'Black Issue' for it featured African-American models only.  True, it received alot of commentary as a result.  

I celebrate beauty, fortitude, strength, love, divine power, positive messages and goodness without the need for a label. Check plus to women who are doing it! Raising children, putting food on the table, working hard, friends, athletes, widows, newlyweds, those on a first date, those holding hands while escorting friends to appointments with oncologists, friends to those in need who desperately need reasons to smile, adopting children, bursting through glass ceilings, mowing lawns all that and more.  

All that said, I wanted to share the beautiful images of models such as Arlenis Sosa, Veronica Webb, Tyra Banks, Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn, Liya KebedeKaren Alexander, Naomi Campbell, Toccarra Jones, Alva Chin and countless others who have paved the way... who just happen to be 'African American' women... who simply make the world a beautiful and better place!  Most of the images were photographed by Steven Meisel, a legend in his own right!



 Photographs courtesy of Steven Meisel and Dusan Reljin

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sana said...

Beautiful images, Joy! Thank you for sharing.