Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan - A moment of Prayer

Since Friday with the news of Japans' devastating earthquake and Tsunami, I haven't been able to concentrate on much else.  I am glued to CNN's continuous coverage.  With the enormous loss of life, property, fear for the ever-changing status of the nuclear reactors,  and the countries general 'state of emergency'.

This morning, yet again began with 'a moment of prayer' for all those affected, all those searching for loved  ones, and of course the survivors.  Japan is a strong country.  It's people are resilient as its history has proven.  Towns will one day be restored, the human spirit far sooner.  Listening to survivors stories, speaking of homes washing away, falling into immediate action when the tremor began, feeling the earth moving beneath them.  I wondered, "what would I do", "how would I behave", "how would I feel"?

These unnerving sights and sounds bring me closer to humanity.  Who would care for injured? Where will they eat, bathe?  Where will they find clean water in days, months to come?  It's heartbreaking.  Even with Japans preparation and drills, what could have prepared them for this?  

Be blessed.  Be strong.  Japan, we are here for you in your moment of grief and devastation.

Photo courtesy of Google images

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