Monday, March 28, 2011

Cookie monster... Crystal Horton, Raking in the dough!

Crystal Horton infuses the sweet flavor of hauteness straight from the oven.  What started out as a career in visual merchandising, gave rise to new found creativity in the form of cookies.   Tasty Morsels Bakery combines fashion, art and humor in her designs.  All of which are actually so pretty, I wouldn't want to eat them.

One of her favorites 'The Birth Control Cookie' was custom designed for Planned Parenthood.  How appropriate is that?   Looks like the real thing.  I recommend a bite of one of these 'babies' everyday.

Crystal is tasting the sweetness of success.  Orders are available online.  Tasty Morsels is also open to 'custom' designed cookies.  

I'm happy with the Birkin!

1 comment:

Kalyn Johnson said...

I kind of have a thing for sugar cookies ... These almost look too good to eat! And the Planned Parenthood cookie - genius. Thanks for introducing us to Crystal.

Crystal - Best of luck to you!

Stylishly yours,