Saturday, March 19, 2011

Architectural Digest at the Pier - Tabletop heaven!

This past Thursday market the beginning of the Architectural Digest Home Design Exhibition. It's located on Pier 94, in NEw York City.  Sunday, March 20th. is the last day. 

Amongst the exhibits is the DIFFA's Dining By Design NY, tabletop presentation.  It is a collective of interior designers, and manufacturers who exhibit tablescapes using various vendors works.  Some have quite the lavish display and use of florals.   The venue smells like the arrival of Spring!  I am only showing a portion of the exhibits here.

On the eve of the opening, there is a lavish party.  This year marked a special celebration for Margaret Russell as she begins her tenure as Editor in Chief of the magazine.  

Admittedly, I've misplaced my cheat-sheet for some of the designers tables.  Hence, I've indicated where my memory serves me correctly.  My apologies to those who I have not credited.  Please, Please... forgive my head, not my heart.

With all these gorgeous place settings, I wsso tempted to pull the bag of pretzels from my bag and can of Fresca and enjoy an afternoon snack.  But, the goal was not to get arrested!

Enjoy... and get out and see it for yourself if you can!

Donna Karan Home

 Bobby Burke Home

 Scandia Down

Ralph Lauren Home


All photos by Joy Moyler for Hautezone


Jamiese said...

This must have been a treat. I would have loved to go to something like this. I'm into home decor. I'm from Birmingham, AL and unfortunately we don't have shows like this.

Hautezone said...

Dear Jamiese,

Thank you for the note. There is always next year! The AD Show is a special treat. The key is wearing comfortable shoes so you can see everything.

Thankfully the admission ticket covers all of the days, so you can return as frequently as you like.

Hope to see you there next year!

Best regards,