Friday, September 24, 2010

Nate Berkus, Why'd you Jerk Us? MFAMB Blogger Video

Jenny of 'My Favorite and My Best Blog' MFAMB has me hooked! She is hilarious and I personally am championing the fight to get her on Saturday Night Live! I very well think she is the next Amy Poehler!

I love the video she composed on many fronts. It's witty, I love that she appears slightly doped as though she almost doesn't care, and the time she took to craft it. It's innocent yes deliciously evuuuuuuul (evil, for those trying to figure that out).

I want to see more videos from her!


Karena said...

Joy I have to agree with you! Our girl should be contacted by SNL!!

Art by Karena

HauteZone said...

You are absolutely correct Karena! She's definitely better than some of the seasoned professionals on the show! Thanks so much for checking my blog out.

Much appreciated,