Tuesday, April 12, 2011


India, is one of those truly magical places that holds a special place in my heart, though I haven't been lucky enough to travel there yet.  I only 'think' I know what India is about.  I am increasingly captivated by its beauty, architecture, food, textiles  and of course its people.  The Taj Mahal is truly one of the worlds greatest wonders.

Food from the country, certainly has left me satiated many, many times over.  I am a curry devotee.  The crave the scent of curry leaves, Aloo Gobi (potatoes and cauliflower) with tumeric, cumin and coriander are a staple at my dinner table, as is glossy 'Butter Chicken' a tomatoey rich sauce infused with ghee.  Paratha becomes the vessel that gets it all to my lips, all followed with a delicious moan full of delight.   Or my second favorite, 'Chicken Korma', with its garlicy ginger paste, saffron, coconut and garam masala and chile  powders.  are you hungry yet?

Many years ago, I purchased my first sari for a friends wedding.  Some years later another.  Besides being so comfortable, I notice I stand taller when wearing them.  I cannot help feeling like Indian royalty, with its fine silk and spun silver threads.  OF course, I also put on as many bracelets as will fit on my arms.   I recently learned a Mendhi trick, that the key to keeping it longer if hovering your hands over cloves roasting in a skillet.  Have to try that next time.

Another funny thing about me is... I love Bollywood movies! I adore the dancing and cannot remain still during the elaborate dance moves.  They are just too much fun!I definitely would love to dance, in a place like this one...

These images and this article are from a travel magazine whose cover was ripped off.  I will however seek more information on this piece and credit it.  I know it's from this year.  So please keep posted.  I would love for you to read it for yourself!


Ishka Designs said...

This is half of me that I am so clueless about. Having been raised in Jamaica away from most of my mom's people has kinda been a sad excuse to not get closer to my roots. But that will have to change. Starting with indian grub when next we meet!!! If is one part of my culture that I can't get enough of is curry and roti! LOL.


Kalyn Johnson said...

Funny what we learn about one another from reading our respective blogs. I'm an Indiaphile. I love the food, the clothes, Bollywood, etc - my dream vacation is to go to India. Great photos - thanks for sharing.

Stylishly yours,

Joy said...
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Joy said...

Thanks for the note Kalyn! As we both share a love for caftans, it's no surprise you are a lover of India as well.

Dinner anyone?

Thanks again!