Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Eva Zeisel Designer and Ceramic Artist 1906 - 2011

We mourn the loss of famed ceramist and artist Eva Zeisel, who passed last week.  Born in Hungary, Budapest she is world renowned for her sensual organic ceramic forms gracing homes worldwide.  Ms. Zeisel passed away at the age of 105.  

Many of her pieces of the 1930's and 1940's graced modernist homes along side the furniture works of Charles and Ray Eames.  Their influences in design and the way we live, and the things we surrounds ourselves with remain strong today. Her work spanned nine decades.

Look at any West Elm or Crate and Barrel catalogue and the influences are strong and true.  She entered the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest with her sights set on studying painting.  However a visit to the Exposition Internationale des Arts, exhibiting the works of Le Corbusier changed all that, upon being introduced to the Bauhaus style.  By the late 1920's she was designing tableware.

Strangely enough while working in Moscow during the mid-1930's, Ms. Zeisel was falsely accused by a colleague of conspiring to assassinate Joseph Stalin.  Accused, arrested and jailed for 16 months which she called ' her darkest days.

Thankfully, we still have her legacy dancing in the light. Rest in Peace.

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