Monday, November 12, 2012

Billie Magazine by Stylist and Editor, Lili Diallo

The contractions have begun - for the debut issue of Billie Magazine!  Created and founded by the illustrious haute stylist Lili Diallo, and Monika Biegler-Eyers formerly of Domino Magazine.  Once again, for those of us (and there are many) who have long been hemorrhaging tears from Domino going by the wayside, THIS is verrrrrrrrry good news!  Though online, I hope hard copies will be available as well because I have carved out some prime space on the shelves!

Everything Lili touches turns PLATINUM, so Billie is bound to be a page-turning, full-screen image, zoom-in, print page left and right crowd pleaser! I've already subscribed to it 'sight unseen'.  My mailbox is poised to get the party started.  Stories will cover the worlds of Travel, Decoration, Photography and Home market trends specializing in both Home and Lifestyle.

I corresponded with Lili a few week ago, and know the team are feverishly working on the debut issue.  So much love, hard work and passion goes into all of Lilli's projects.  I just cannot wait for her baby 'Billie' to enter the world.  Silver spoon, oh-so-cleverly placed and picture perfect!  You better believe!

When it appears in my mailbox, my first words will be "Hey Billie! Welcome to the world!"

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