Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas with Project Runway Allstars Casanova

Without a doubt Christmas is my all time favorite holiday!  Great food, goodies galore and oh yes - presents!  What's not to love???  So I was delighted when Casanova of Project Runway Allstars called weeks ago, asking if I would be interested in fluffing up his home with some Christmas decorations! They were also the backdrop for two big media interviews for him.  So you may see them when those interviews are published and broadcast as well.

From the start, I knew I had to do a 'tree dress'!  Luckily Casanova already had a form, which I layered in protective material to adhere the branches to.  I loved it, he loved it!  I brought along a few vintage pins and necklaces to adorn it with.  Top top it off, I lit that baby up with little white Christmas lights.

Like many, I  knew Casanova from Project Runway and knew it would be a blast.  Largely due to is infectious laugh and enthusiastic personality.  I enjoyed hearing some behind the scenes quips about the challenges.  

My goal by the end of the day - other than him being pleased with the results was to get him in the boa!

hope you all enjoyed your Christmas as well and spent quality time with family and caought up on some much needed rest!  

And yay! I got my boa shot!

Note: The photos aren't the best, but we had a whole lot of fun!

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H. said...

Awesome. The result is very fashion. A truly Christmas look!