Saturday, April 27, 2013

Emilio Sosa - Interview with Project Runways Talented Designer Extraordinaire!

When I met Emilio Sosa of Project Runway a few months back, I was captivated my his charm and quiet nature. Soulful eyes and a gentleman manner pulled me in.  He attended an event along with Casanova, also of Project Runway, who I'd met several times before.  My husband and I attended the event for our Creative Voices Project.  Where we interview artist, getting the backstories on their passions.

I knew there was whole lot more to Emilio, than I knew from television.  There HAD to be!  And  we wanted to discover it.  He is an exceptionally talented designer, whose roots are deep in costume design. Rooted in skills of making characters come to life through their clothing and their voices.  Emilio's career is constantly unfolding and growing exponentially.  Just recently, he completed costume designs for the new Broadway hot ticket 'MOTOWN' The Musical.  Also, under his belt is the incredible 'Porgy and Bess' with the divine Audra MacDonald (whose wedding dress he also designed).  And if you were in New York and lucky enough to see the show... were character 'Sporting Life's' suits AMAZING or whaaaaaaaat?

Clearly Emilio has a WHOLE lot going on.  Project Runway was another vehicle to share his talents with the world.  Doing "what he already has mastered - in another way".  I think that's a fantastic approach to have to life and a career you've been wrapped in fro awhile.  Certainly a great way to keep things fresh!  Wouldn't you agree?

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