Monday, September 5, 2011

Tiffany & Co. - the Suite life

Beginning this past June, Tiffany & Co. began welcoming guest to their brand new Suite.  How fitting, Tiffany's legendary jewel box is just down the street.  The luxury theme 1,700 square foot suite is available for a mere $8,500 USD per luscious evening.  True to form, it appears (because I haven not actually been in the room), all the accouterments you would expect from the St. Regis Hotels are present.

John Loring, Tiffany & Co., design director emeritus  incorporated authentic gemstones in the crystal chandeliers, and sconces - true to Tiffany aesthetic and culture.  Glamour  is turned out!  Who can't imagine Holly Golightly opting to have breakfast in bed, instead of noshing on a croissant in front of the store?

Simply put... it's pretty fly! You just have to love 'Tiffany blue'.  Forget the chocolates, I'd want a brand new blue box on my pillow every night.  THAT would guarantee me suite dreams.

I wonder, if the room key is designed by Elsa Peretti?  Wouldn't that be smashing darling?  I imagine a sensuous turn of sterling silver fashioned in the shape of 'T' dangling from a silk cord.  Very similar to that of the Tiffany "T" clip ballpoint pen.  Of course, The key could be worn as jewelry during the day.

Ooh, I would so love to have a party here in the midst of a snow storm.  With the snowflakes catching the lights on Fifth Avenue, you would swear they are dancing diamonds.  I think I'm going to need a bigger purse!

St. Regis Hotel
2 East 55th. Street - at Fifth Avenue
New York, N.Y.  10022
(212) 753-4500

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