Sunday, October 9, 2011

Greg Lauren, More than a pretty Ralph face

Sure, Greg Lauren is a handsome face who is also one of the 'go to' male models of Ralph Lauren"s many advertisements.  He exudes charisma, strength and intelligence.  Of course he is the nephew of Ralph Lauren.  Who cares about nepotism when it works - right!

True, he is also an actor and  husband of 'Showgirls' dancer Elizabeth Barkley.   Not to miss, a  Princeton graduate with a B.S in Art.    What you may not know is, he is a TALENTED artist.  Not a fly by night 'cut and paste' artist but a truly gifted artist.  Just as soon as you get hooked on his 'Batman' HERO series of illustrations (which are stunning, dark and rich), that his 'fashion non-fashion' exhibits steal your heart.

I remember seeing his 'Alterations' exhibit in New York, of clothing (mostly jackets, suits, shirts and coats) all manufactured from various thickness, color and texture of paper and thought "these are actually quite wearable".  That is as long as you walk between the raindrops and steer clear of any 'London Fog' "Pray for rain" ads. 

Greg Lauren also designs and manufactures both Mens' and Women's lines which can found at Barneys' New York and Maxfields, Los Angeles.  The ranges consists of mostly outerwear of a 'highly deconstructed' nature.  A few constructed from old duffle bags.  At first glance, they appeared very 'Oliverish', producing images of clothing worn by someone down on their luck.  Yet there are aspects which just make them appear to be 'well loved'.  My hands down favorite was the white Tuxedo, classic from the from view.  Once the back is exposed you find a series of buckets immediately identifying it as a 'straight jacket'!   

When the model music stops, Greg Lauren and his creative genius will definitely have a chair!

Don't miss the next exhibit! Just check your matches at the door!

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