Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Day in the Life... Joy Moyler, Behind Hautezone

At least four, maybe five times a week I am asked exactly what an interior designer does.  Generally from people who don't watch HGTV, Bravo, LXTV or subscribe to various shelter magazines - online nor publications you actually can hold, and dog-ear the pages of.  More specifically, the question is - "what the heck is it you do in a day?".  In addition, many of my readers only know me as the 'face behind Hautezone'.  Not for the design work I do.

With that question, the following video came to life.  If you are also a reader of PinkEggshell, you may have seen it published there, on September 19th.  There are so many other aspects and details which could have been shown (or were edited out, like the heated vendor call for the delayed mirror).  Vendor visits, client meetings, shipping materials etc.  All of which would have created a three hour video, which would have been faaaaaaar too long for anyones viewing pleasure.   Especially mine!  Perhaps, we will show some of that on the next video.

Visiting the Ralph Lauren Home showroom, which I designed over five years ago is always fun.   My lunch spot was Todd English at the Plaza Hotel.  I go at least twice a week, as it offers some of everything and I love the decor.  And who doesn't want to have lunch at the Plaza?  It's proximity to Bergdorf Goodman, right across the street is a bonus, as you may note from a previous post 'Scatter my Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman'.  I always stop in to see what's new.

wish I'd stopped at some point to freshen my makeup, but I totally got wrapped up in the work I was doing and forgot. It's funny when you look at yourself you see things you'd done differently.  Big THANKS to Nick Carter Weddings for filming and producing the video.

Anyway, I hope you like it!


Ishka Designs Inc said...

Love it Joy! Inspired.

Hautezone said...

Thank you Ishka! You're an inspiration as well!