Friday, September 28, 2012

Ralph Lauren Pink Pony - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We are quickly coming upon the autumnal month of October.  Also known as 'Breast Cancer Awareness Month'.  This is such a near and dear area of concern and topic for me.  Unfortunately, I have lost several friends and family members to breast cancer.  So much so, that I didn't want to wait until the official commencement of October, to ask... 

"Have you had your mammogram yet"???????

Happily, I was going through some files last week and fell upon a Pink Pony photo shoot a bunch of us did years ago.  Yes, YEARS ago.  If you look closely, you'll see Carson Kressley (formerly from 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy') in the second row (on the left) in the first collage.  

In the second collage you'll find me on the bottom row (second left), with my friend Donald Nowicki who is 'Uncle Ralphs' art curator for all the stores and his personal collections. 

Pink Pony is Ralph Lauren’s worldwide initiative in the fight against cancer. Our mission is to reduce disparities in cancer care in medically underserved communities and ensure that treatment is available at an earlier, more curable stage. In the United States, 10 percent of the purchase price of Pink Pony products benefits the Pink Pony Fund of the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation to support programs for screening, early diagnosis, treatment, research and patient navigation. Internationally, a network of local charities benefits from the sales of Pink Pony products.

Ralph Lauren created the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation, as a worldwide initiative to fight cancer. 
to make a donation today!

The Pink Pony Fund is Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation's worldwide initiative in the fight against cancer. Pink Pony supports programs for early diagnosis, education, treatment and research and is dedicated to bringing quality cancer care to medically underserved communities. 
Your tax deductible gift amount will be shown on your receipt at check-out and can be printed and used for tax purposes.

Wherever you are in this world, wherever you live - "Have you had your mammogram yet"??????? I hope the answer is YES!

And if not, please schedule one today.  We need you!


Blake Woodrow said...

These are wonderful reaching out and help in commemorating our breast cancer patients and supporting the breast cancer awareness month which i am also taking part of by sharing breast cancer alternative treatment information to the whole world.

Hautezone said...

Hello Blake,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I truly appreciate it! Let's continue to support those in need however we can - and make breast cancer a thing of the past!

Thanks again!