Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bali High

A friend of mine escapes to Bali twice a year to collect her thoughts. Hmmmmm. I wonder why?

Renting a villa, for a mere two hundred USD daily yields a 'house person' to prepare any food you desire, someone to peel your grapes and keep the residence well attended to while you're playing tennis or enjoying the pool. There's always a pool.

She gorges on the freshest of fruit while being glazed by the sun. Bali's villas have become a benchmark for tropical living. The architecture is stunning. There appears to be a requirement all structures are surrounded by the thickest of palm trees. I have long had a strong appreciation for the juxtaposition of traditional references adjacent to the modern approaches.

These images are from 'Bali Houses' by Gianni Francione, an Italian architect who has lived in Bali more than twenty-years. He has designed many homes there. The adoring images were captured by Luca Invernizzi Tettoni. He specializes in Asia culture and architecture.

These are some of my favorite images in the book.
Anyone up for a change of scenery? I'll gladly race you to the nearest hammock.

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