Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Mrs. Robinson, you are trying to seduce me... aren't you?"

The answer to the question... "Mrs. Robinson, you are trying to seduce me aren't you?"

Oh, if you have to ask no mortar board for you. Return to the rear of the class. I am longing for the return of hosiery. Real hosiery. Sexy hosiery. The kind that makes a grown man blush.

The sheer hosiery industry has fallen forty percent, as the current fashion trend of the 'bare leg' has been all the rage of late. Note: Even in the dead of winter. Hosiery sales have increased in the 'tights' industry, namely 'patterned tights' but sheer hosiery markets have fallen drastically.

How lovely would it be to see the return of seams at the back of the leg? Or sheer natural colored legs dressed in silk/nylon. Come on women. Let's really 'bring sexy back', and give all the boys (and real men) something to drool over once again. Seduction made simple. Let a lady be a lady. Without even trying.

Some summers ago, I sat on bench ever so innocently in Central Park having lunch. Disclaimer: this was not my intention. I was reading a book, one most cerebral in fact. From my crumbled paper bag I released my banana for lunch. Engaged in my reading, I became oblivious to those around me. Yet, when I emerged from my reading, I realized a not so young man seated across from me drooling. With his eyes bulging from his head, wearing the sickest grin, I just couldn't figure it out. He laid his newspaper (once on his lap) and walked toward me. He approached asking if he could "please buy me another banana". OMG! it all started to make sense. I became embarrassed totally unaware of how I must have appeared. Back to the topic.

So I say, bring back hoisery. The kind you had to gently roll up you leg, that would make a grown man blush. Bring back a sense of mystery. Sexiness exuded without even trying. Make a man work for you. Let him know what a lady you are. That darn right, you DESERVE to be put on a pedestal. Make him work to be 'YOUR' arm charm, not the other way around.

So find a rare store that manufacturers fine hosiery (Fogal, Wolfords, whomever). Bring out the Dita Van Teese in you and make a Tiger, not want to leave a happy home.

(photo courtesy of IMDB)

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I love it!!!!!!!! I been preaching that to ladies for 10 plus years.
I've been buying Wolford and Fogal for my lady since forever...

Keep up the great work!!!!!!!